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5 of my favorite things


As summer comes to a close and cooler days replace the heat I find our family instinctively slowing down. I’ll be honest: it’s welcome. And very much needed. Since February I’ve been on a roller-coaster of both schedule and emotion and like any ride, it eventually must come to an end. I loved roller-coasters growing up. The faster and crazier and more upside-down they went the better. My favorite was called the corkscrew. You can imagine what that was like. But as I look back at those memories with so much joy, I also realize I don’t so much love them anymore. Something about having my feet on the ground and my stomach in it’s rightful place is just fine with me these days.

More than anything, this slowing down process taught me how much I needed to breathe.

Settling back into stillness, I remembered that my most favorite things are simple. It’s easy to be deceived that the great things are BIG, but really, they’re small. Small moments and simple everyday things. Usually, the very best things are the same things we take the most for granted. So today I’m honoring small, and five of my favorite things.

1.Fall: Fall is my absolute favorite season and every single year I’m ready. Ready for blue jeans and long sleeved shirts, scarves and football. This is the season that reminds me to breathe. To relax into cozy pajamas and cuddle up in a blanket with a warm chai latte. {I think I’ve mentioned a few hundred times that pajamas are my favorite?} The cool, crisp fall air and the earthy smells of the harvest remind me that there is a time and purpose for all things. Fall is the perfect season to remember that life takes time. That if we do the next right thing, eventually it will yield a harvest.

2. Country roads: I grew up in a tiny town in northern Wisconsin and will always be a small town girl at heart. There’s something about unpaved country roads that makes me nostalgic. For some reason they encourage me to relax and make me long for a simpler time.

3. Twinkly lights: Any space is extra great with a few twinkly lights. My dear friend puts glitter on everything; I hang twinkly lights. I have lights hanging over our covered patio and throughout our back lawn. There’s something magic about sitting down outside with twinkling lights overhead.

4. Barns: I have no idea where my love affair began with old broken down barns, but it’s a thing. My grandparents had an old barn on their property and as kids we used to swing up in the hay mow. Maybe that’s it. I cannot tell you how many photos I have of barns from everywhere we have traveled, and all over town, and every time I think it’s the most amazing barn ever. Friends of ours have a lake cabin and the neighboring lot has an old falling down barn. Last year I took the family in to explore. Every cranny held something amazing and the way the light filters in through broken boards is absolutely breathtaking. Maybe I love to imagine the stories of what took place there so long ago. There aren’t words for how much I love them.

5. Books: By now you know books are my favorite THING. I have lots and lots of loves of people and places but I’m not a collector of anything…but books. A friend recently asked where I put them and the answer is everywhere. They’re in stacks, on bookshelves, in closets, in cabinets, in boxes, on nightstands, in piles on the floor, in baskets and on easels – there is no place that isn’t perfect for a book. Here is a list of the ones I’m reading right now.

Sometimes life gets so busy and full that we have to slow down to remember what we love. But no matter how complicated things get, for me it’s always the simple things that make me happy. And interesting, most of mine are absolutely free! What are your favorite things?

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