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5 things happening in my life and the blog


Hey lovely ladies! Happy Friday! Today I wanted to pop in super quick with five of the latest happenings in my life and the blog.

  1. The blog is changing!! Never fear, I will still be here along with my same thoughts and fierce/tender heart, depending on the day. Womp womp. You’re stuck with me. But soon the website name will change to Why? Partly because…
  2. I’m writing a new book! I’m so excited about what God has been doing in my mind and heart through His people that some days I feel my heart literally runneth over. Mind you, most days I don’t, and I complain and cry with the best of them. But sometimes people think my name is Grace. And Uncommon is a really weird last name that won’t help at all with people knowing who I actually am. So it’s time.
  3. The blog will be down for a tish: As you read this my web designer angel/magician is working behind the scenes to transfer everything over to the new domain. You don’t have to worry because if you type in the old address it will automatically redirect you to the right place. But doing that will require a day or two of downtime. See what I tell you? Magic.
  4. Then we’re getting a makeover! I tell you there is all kinds of fun happening here today! After we have the new domain set up, we’ll begin working on a new, updated, more user-friendly design with waaaay more streamlined organization for you to navigate. I know it’s going to be beautiful and we’ll have some fun promotions when we get it all set up. Yay!
  5. I’m growing up. I hated chocolate until I got pregnant with my first child and then I started loving it, but only milk chocolate. I evolved from Milky Way bars to M&Ms to the occasional fancy Lindt milk chocolate bar. Dark chocolate was disgusting. I would rather no chocolate than dark chocolate. Then this week I had some Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt and now I can’t even look at milk chocolate anymore! Evolution is real, people. There’s hope for us all!

That’s all I’ve got today friends! Happy Friday! Live well and love even better. xoxo

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  • Heather February 12, 2016, 1:36 pm

    Cannot wait – for your change, your book..
    love the evolution of chocolate analogy!
    Excoting changes ahead…

  • Lim May Chin February 24, 2016, 2:01 am

    looking forward to new things together with you!! God bless

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