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Set Your Day for Success

As every one of us knows before we even get out of bed, there’s a good chance we will never get all the things we intend to do, done. If you’re like me, morning hits and before I even make it out the door I’ve already faced a few surprises. With a type-A personality, I like to control as much as I can — not because I’m controlling per se, but because I know I need to set myself up for success as much as I can. Let’s face it: life is messy.

Set your day for success IQ

But I’ve learned the honest truth is that that I get to design my life. You get to design yours too. I like my home and my space (and my life) to be clean. Clutter makes me feel crazy and I don’t like to feel crazy. Whether in the house or the mind, clutter is chaos. But in the middle of a busy life, sometimes it’s hard to find the time.

But there are a few things I do every single morning (yes, I said every single morning) that help me function the rest of the day at my best. These five habits have changed everything about my day and my life and they’re so simple! Quite honestly, to me, they’ve become like breathing. So here they are: the five things I do every day to set the tone for success.

1. I make my bed

It might sound crazy or even a bit ridiculous but starting my day with my bed made makes me feel better. It feels clean, tidy, and put-together. And no matter what else gets done I know, before I even leave the house, that I’ve accomplished something. Every time I walk past my bedroom or through my room I look at my pretty bed and am glad. I’ve even half made my bed with a kid still in it so I only have to quickly finish when he rolls out! On the rare day I don’t make my bed? Like my crazy sheets, I feel messy and in disarray. No bueno. 

2. I exercise

Yes, I said every day. I know what ya’ll are thinking and it’s probably a lot of excuses or reasons why that won’t work for you. Believe me, I’ve had my share of them too. But I know if I don’t work out in the morning I won’t have the willpower to do it later. I get up every day and get my workout clothes on so I’m ready. If it’s a busy day I’ll get up early to go for a run in my neighborhood. Every day works better – and I work better – after I’ve worked out. Some might call it selfish, but I call it sanity. I’ve been doing it for almost fifteen years and it hasn’t failed me yet. I can honestly say it’s the single thing that has brought about the biggest change in me not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually too.

3. I eat breakfast

Every morning I eat breakfast. My go-to is a bowl of greek yogurt with organic granola, fresh fruit and slivered almonds. Every day. Eating a good healthy breakfast in the morning sets me up to make good food choices the rest of the day.

4. I tidy up

I have three boys and they can be messy. We are just now getting to the stage where I can tell them to put their clothes away and make their beds. It’s glorious! But every morning after breakfast I do a quick clean sweep. I find it next to impossible to leave the house with dishes on my counter or crumbs on the floor. My husband calls me OC. So I run a quick vacuum (I use this amazing cordless Electrolux Ergorapido that I absolutely LOVE), put the dishes in the sink or dishwasher (depending on time) and spray and wipe down the countertops. It’s not a deep clean but a quick every-day clean. Clean makes me calm. Clean makes me happy. Clean makes everybody’s life better in my house.

5. I start a load of laundry

The last thing I do before I run out the door is start a load of laundry. In a house of five I’ve found it’s better to wash every day and then I never have things pile up. If I start the load of wash before I head out, then it’s ready to dry when I get home from my workout. Now if only I could get into a system of putting the laundry away every day…. But who am I kidding? That would be a miracle.

For me, it’s all about efficiency and time management. These five things might seem overwhelming at first but they’re really not. In less than ten minutes I can get my bed made, the house cleaned up, and a load of laundry going so that when I come home from my workout I’m ready to tackle whatever unexpected things the day brings. Which makes me happy. And we all know what happens when a mom ain’t happy… My husband always says: “Happy wife, happy life!”

I hope these five simple things will help you set your day, and your life, for success. What things do you do every day to set yourself up for success?

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  • Kay Fredrick June 2, 2015, 6:38 am

    The first thing I do in the morning (after making coffee) is spend time with God. I review verses I’ve memorized, work on new verses, read something from one of the Christian classics (e.g. The Pursuit of God; 31 Days of Praise; The Knowledge of the Holy; Come Boldly; My Utmost for His Highest), study a passage of scripture, spend time in worship and prayer. It looks different now than it did when I was a mother with young children (then I might go three weeks without a specific time with God!), but God has persistently called me to spend time with him as the highlight of the day. Years ago I read this quote from Chuck Swindoll: “Quality time with God begins first as a choice; then it becomes a habit; and finally it becomes a glorious lifestyle.” Praise God, because I doggedly made those choices and developed those habits by his grace, I’m pretty sure I’m in the “glorious lifestyle” phase 🙂 Hudson Taylor said, “Do not have your concert first, and then tune your instrument afterwards. Begin the day with the Word of God and prayer, and get first of all into harmony with him” Amen!

    • Tammy June 2, 2015, 11:07 am

      Absolutely! I have quiet time every morning as well. Right now I’m doing Beth Moore’s study on Esther. It’s my soul time. Love your words and wisdom here. xoxo

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