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5 things I learned in June


I can’t tell you how amazing the month of June has been for my soul. It has been filled with carefree days, no schedule and endless amounts of sun and time on the lake. If you know me, sun is my only vice and one I’m not sure I plan to part with anytime soon. But more than that, June has gotten me out of the house, out of my routine and back in nature where I belong. Do you have something that just reminds you of what is important? For me, it’s nature. It’s the rhythm and timing of my feet running on the pavement. Cold ice cream on a hot day. And the sun that, every single day, rises and sets as promised. No matter how complicated our lives may be, it’s the simple things that always bring us home.

June has been good to me. June was just what I needed. Here’s 5 things I learned in the month of June.

1. Sunshine feeds my soul. That whole seasonal affective disorder thing? Yeah, apparently, it’s a thing. Summer proves that, for me, it’s definitely a thing. This year we have enjoyed mid-July weather right out of the gates of June. I’m not sure what we did to deserve it but it’s been so welcome. My soul is in the happiest place it’s been in years. Maybe ever. Happy feels really good.

2. Good friends are worth more than gold. I went through a rocky season of friendship a few years back and now I see how much I allowed it to darken the story I told myself. The truth is all my life I’ve been surrounded by strong, amazing, powerful, beautiful women. My grandmother, my mother, my aunts and cousins are all beautifully strong, creative, successful, encouraging and empowering women. They were my foundation and they molded me into who I am. Besides some hard young friendships, I had incredibly rich, varied and deeply connected friendships all across my life. Many I am still deeply connected to in my soul, even though we’re hundreds of miles apart. These women taught me who I am. Who I want to be. That even in my darkest hardest times, they still see the light in me and remind me who I am. There is nothing more valuable than strong, beautiful friendships and June has allowed me to reconnect and reinvest in so many.

3. Running sets me free. It was my birthday this week and I realized that it’s passing marked fifteen years I’ve been running. Which also means that for fifteen years I’ve been living and loving and dreaming in a brand new way. Before that I was a small town girl living a small life. And I was happy. Kind of. I guess somewhere deep down I knew there was more but I didn’t know what it was. Running set my heart free in a way I never expected – it opened up doors, ideas, dreams, passions and creativity – and I’ll never be the same. This week I ran every single day because I can. My body is able, even on the days it’s not willing, and I owe it to myself to go. To run. To be grateful for the rhythm of footfalls on pavement, air in my lungs and wind in my hair.

4. Birthdays are hard. I don’t remember birthdays ever being a really big deal in my house. It’s definitely okay because I’m not really a gifts person and I don’t love all the attention either. My love language falls more in line with quality time and physical touch. But there’s something about birthdays that still set us up for expectation…versus reality. And no matter how good they are in some ways, they can still be hard in others. This year I loved almost all of my birthday, but there were still parts that were hard. So while I loved my birthday, I liked the day after my birthday even better.

5. No schedules rule. I am a homebody like nobody’s business. I love long lazy mornings with a workout and then back in my pajamas at noon for the rest of the day. To me, that’s a perfect day. Except in June when I put on a swim suit and go sit on the dock for a few hours while the boys swim. Or I read while the kids play in the yard. Or I get an iced coffee and sit with my husband on the back patio. The one common denominator is: there’s no schedule. And it’s sublime. Although you might ask me how I feel about this in August and get a totally different answer…

Nevertheless, I cannot tell a lie. June has been good to me. It’s sunshine-filled, carefree days have renewed my spirit, and good friends have warmed my heart. Every step I’ve run headlong into June has reminded me why I do. Mind, body, spirit and soul connect on the street where rhythm and timing and breath take over the questions and chaos of life and I know: I am free. And it feels really good.

What did you learn in June?

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