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A confession…and five things you didn’t know about me


Welcome to the very first day of Friday Five!

I’m so excited to be starting a new fun series here on the blog for you to get to know the other sides of me a little better. It’s true, I’m a contemplative soul and I think a lot. Sometimes I OVERTHINK a lot too! But I also love to be silly and fun and lazy sometimes too. I make up jokes with my son and laugh at inappropriate things! I’m human. And the truth is this blog started when I was going through a deeply contemplative season.

My book, Pretty, really was that story – the story of a misplaced identity. Gosh, I put my identity everywhere but where it was supposed to be and honestly, I didn’t know if I’d ever be free. But I am. It happened slowly over the process of two years and the God’s honest truth is I woke up a few months ago and the burden was lifted. The burden of wondering and stressing about what everyone thought of me and, instead, I just finally felt truly free to be me. The process – this place – really did set me free.

With that, I’ve been struggling a bit not knowing how to be here anymore. All the things I’ve written for the last two years remain true, and part of my story, but now they are just that: part. There is something new being born and that, to me, is exciting! I don’t know what it is, but I do know God had to take me through those years – hard introspective years, sharing my story and journey with you and doing it together – so that He could bring me to whatever He has next. I couldn’t be more excited about sharing that, and walking that road with you too.

If you missed the posts on my book or purchasing your copy, I promise I share my whole heart on every page, and every step of the process it took to get me here. In a few weeks I’m going to release a free study guide! You’ll be the first to know when it’s available. Make sure to get your copy of the book so you’re ready when it starts. I’d also love to visit your book group via Skype if you purchase copies to use in your book clubs or summer reading groups! Send me an email and let me know if you’re interested.


Also my website is FULL of blog posts written on every topic from forgiveness, family, letting go and difficult friendships. I swear I wrote through every single feeling I’ve had the last few years and it’s all there, and categorized for you to find easily.

But now, it’s a new chapter! One where God is calling me out of myself and figuring out what to do with it. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to involve faith and courage and you and I are going to be braver for it. Awesome, right?!

So…Friday Five will be a new weekly post where I’ll share five things every Friday. I’ll be breaking down the questions you asked me in the survey over four weeks and those will appear here too. From week to week I might share five things in my purse, five favorite books, five things I learned that week, or five beauty products or outfits I love. It’s your way to get to know the whole me. The other parts that aren’t so serious.

I absolutely loved reading through your questions and responses in the survey. THANK YOU!! Just a side-note: some of your questions had me chuckling to myself, and others were way too big and important to answer in this fun-Friday forum. So if you don’t see your question here, chances are I’ll be writing a more in-depth post on it in the future. Seriously, thank you again for your feedback! It was extremely helpful and I’m overwhelmed by the number of you who went all-in and shared your story, your questions and your heart. You guys rock.

So without further ado, we’ll get started with 5 interesting questions you asked of me!

1. What are your favorite hobbies?

The most truthful answer to this question would be nothing?! I know it’s incredibly boring but I live with a to-do list that is always too long and a house full of male people. They are loud and messy and high maintenance even though I love them like crazy! So after doing nothing whenever I can, I also love getting lost in a great book, soaking in the bath, movies (my favs are psychological thriller or epics/true stories), gardening, time with my amazing handful of friends, staying in pajamas all day, and snuggling with my boys.

2. What do you enjoy most about writing this blog?

You! That’s easy. This blog started as a forum to process my life and, through it, I found out I wasn’t alone. I found out that we’re all in this together and that has been sweet redemption because most of my life I thought I was crazy. And alone. Some other people thought I was crazy too. Oh well. I love your comments to blog posts that resonate with you and why. I love hearing your stories and finding out that deep down, we’re really all the same. Keep talking back! It’s the best.

3. What is the most common misconception (or funny assumption) that your blog community has about you?

This one made me laugh! And could probably be better answered by one of my friends although that might be scary! I would say the biggest misconception is that I’m always deep. I’m not. When I texted my friend Annie about this new Friday idea she was thrilled. Her response to me was this: “Love. All. Of. It. It will allow your readers to see that you’re more than just super contemplative. You are…and that’s a big part of you but you’re also really fun and funny and normal too.” So I’m normal. I’m fun and funny. (Though that feels really weird to say about myself). My friend Anna has known me since high school and told me recently she “didn’t know if she would actually want to be friends with me just from who I am on the blog!” I laughed. I have awesome friends. She lives on the other side of the country, but after a three HOUR phone call recently, I thanked her for loving me when I’m crazy…and she said she likes my crazy the best. So, there’s that! I’m not always deep. I love clothes and fashion and material things. I can be deep, crazy, funny and boring, sometimes all in the same day! It’s a weird combination, I know.

4. What is one of your favorite recipes?

I don’t really use recipes. I’m not a baker, which is probably due to my lack of following directions. I’d say my favorite thing to make is Mexican food. My husband told me just the other day that I’m going to turn into a Mexican. Whatever. My guacamole is the best and I make it at least twice a week. I take my cutting board and scoop out the contents of 2 avocados, sprinkle with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and the juice of one lime (or more to taste). Smash it all up with a fork and viola! Add chips and you’re set for a perfect Friday night. Or any night!

5. Do you find it difficult to take your own advice sometimes?

Ummmm….no? Of course I have a hard time taking my own advice! I write here because I have such a hard time reconciling what is right – and what is true – with how I feel. My brain can be such a pain sometimes. I overthink. I fail. I fall short. I screw up because I’m human and it’s expected and thank GOD I have given myself permission to let go of people I could never please, and surround myself with people who love me just as I am. It’s why I’ve come to settle on grace. Grace for myself – because I know how often I need it – and grace for others because how can I hold anyone else to a higher standard than I can meet myself? It’s all grace. Every bit of this life.

Okay, that’s it for our first Friday Five! What do you think? Feel free to comment below and share ideas for upcoming weeks. What are five things you’d like to know? Have an awesome weekend friends! xo

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  • Jenielle Harpster May 4, 2015, 11:19 am

    Love it! I’m looking forward to reading more in the “Friday Five”. My favorite this week is probably the most common misconception….mostly because it is nice to find someone that looks at life so deeply. I really don’t know many people that think about things so deeply, at least not that I am aware of. I view most of my life very deeply and I analyze everything, but that is just who I am. But, this is not the part of me that most people know or see. This is much of the reason why I have enjoyed your blog, because you are real and you are deep and it makes me feel like I am not so weird afterall. So, thanks for sharing that part with us!

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