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a weed and a crown

while visiting my dad i learned many new things about nature. an organic farmer, he has spent countless hours in the forest, foraging and making the wilderness his home. his refuge. his livelihood.

it never ceases to amaze me: the wonder found in the wide open spaces of life. when the world is turned off and life is turned on. when we engage in our lives fully, unapologetically real. away from reality television, smartphones and internet we experience the reality of life. the joy found in simplicity. the peace discovered in interacting, experiencing, learning and growing together.

we were made to be free and there is no better place to find it than the great outdoors.

a favorite memory was sitting on the banks of the river playing with sticky weed, while my boys swam and floated through the small rapids. a delicate white flowered weed as sticky as velcro and adaptable to any shape or construct. i made crowns. sticky weed crowns for my boys and i. princes, each one. tender and precious and delicate and strong. resilient. moldable.

sticky weed crowns

like the weed i realize how much they can be bent. shaped. molded. framed at this early stage of their life. how much my input, my pouring into their lives means to them at this time. how much impact i have on their present. their future. how much i want for them. for their life, their future, their legacy. how much i want for them to be crowned. with honor, integrity, humility and grace. how i pray they live lives of love and compassion, tenderness and truth.

each of us a flower in a garden. an endless wilderness full of life and vibrant color. weeds and plants as pretty and unique as any other.

what will we mold? what legacy will we leave? how will we leave this world better because we were here? one life, one plant, one weed, is all we need to touch to leave it a better place. one. crowns from weeds. beauty from ashes. grace covering all. wild, abundant grace.

i’m thankful for grace. and for sticky weed crowns. princes, splashing in the root beer colored water of my childhood days, creating diamond studded memories on the rocky banks of a river bed. it’s real and true and about as good as it gets.


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