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Hello beautiful! Welcome to my little front porch on the inter web. I’m so glad you’re here! I so wish we could sit down with a cup of coffee — but my hope is that this place can be the very next best thing for now.

You are made to be a light in this world. Did you know that? You are a smart, beautiful, creative, deep thinker and feeler with talent, compassion and generosity to spare.

The problem? You get stuck.

Life is complicated. Who you are often gets tangled up in who the world says you are. You forget. You allow fear, expectations, people, or things to get in the way of your dreams and your desire to be the best you can be. Sometimes you allow a setback to become a fallback and you get stuck.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I believe every person has a redemption story woven with a beautiful thread. You just need to find it.

Hi! I’m Tammy. I’m a writer, author, lawyer, athlete and relentless God-sized dreamer. I’ve taken some crazy wild adventures and navigated at least a dozen major detours, life changing trajectories, stumbles and success.

Hi! I'm Tammy.

I’m also a wife and mama of three boys who literally light up my life.

Through transparent, whole-hearted writing, encouragement and beautiful images, I help women see the amazing potential inside them to live free and love their life.

My approach: I love encouraging women to find their strength in all areas of life. To me, wellness is about your whole being: spirit, soul, mind and body. In Christian community too often we focus on the mind and spirit and neglect the body. In today’s culture, we focus too much on the body and forget the soul. All are connected, and when we begin tapping into one, using it’s incredible power to benefit the other, we realize how interconnected it all is.

It’s where we begin to find the magic.

This is a community designed for women to come as they are and understand the joys and trials that actually bond us together are shared. No one can relate to, or resonate with, a perfect life. This is a place to be real. Honest. Knowing you are never alone in your joy or your pain. It’s a place where you can find the courage to go into your past if you need to, to find the sources of your struggle, but not to stay there!

I pray it is a place of hope, grace, courage, practical encouragement and truth. A community where we try our very best to live free and in line with our whole heart, our voice, and the voice of a God who loves us measurelessly. A place where we can be real, honest, imperfect and beautiful.

The most beautiful things are never perfect, after all.

For much of my life I have been searching. For truth. For meaning. For ways to understand the trials and troubles of this life. To allow them to make me better, stronger, more brave. Ultimately I found freedom in faith, unexpectedly linked to the rhythm of footfalls on pavement. After heartache and heartbreak left me alone and starting my life over again, running offered a therapy and life change I never expected. It taught me how to move forward. How literally taking one step could lead me to discovering the deepest desires of my heart. The ones I didn’t even know I had! The truth is I found God in the street, and He began to set my heart free. You can read my story here.

Over the course of almost twenty years, running numerous marathons and an Ironman, I learned I can do ALL things through Him who gives me strength. I learned that no matter what my goal is, where I’m headed, or what personal struggle is trying to consume me; somehow, someway, He will make a way. The truth is, far too often than I want to admit, the one holding me back is me.

This website is a front row seat to my adventure living a whole hearted life. Learning and living, failing and trying again and again and again as long as it takes. To me this means quality time with my family and cherished friends. Learning from nature, exercise and the unhindered wisdom of my children. Eating well, living free, loving hard, giving grace, and daring to dream and chase them down with God’s help.

It is my passion to empower you to find your strength.

I believe that in order to find freedom we must give voice to the experience of our past, and then we need to move free from it. To pursue our dreams we must accept and face our fear, and do it anyway. Often our strength is hidden there; where our greatest hurts meet our deepest fears. And when we accept our story for what it is, and not what we wanted it to be, then we get the power to write the ending. We get to decide how far it propels us forward to the life we were created to live.

I pray you’ll find something here that calls out to a dream in your spirit or a hope in your heart but, most of all, I hope you discover you are never alone.

My first book is called: PRETTY: Breaking Free From The Illusions of a Superficial Life. You can find everything you need & watch the book trailer here!

You can also follow me on my Facebook page where I post daily encouragement and photos, or join me in two of my other favorite online places: Instagram and Pinterest! 

Tammy and Family