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Advent: Christmas lights (Day 19)

When I was growing up, there was a family in my small hometown that loved Christmas.

Every year they turned their backyard into a Christmas wonderland. Giant lighted candy canes lined the path to their yard where you were greeted by a giant sleigh and reindeer suspended in the sky. A large ice skating pond with mechanical skaters danced to the music. An old playhouse turned into Santa’s workshop with mechanical people working inside.

I never knew their names but they opened their backyard to the whole community every year from Thanksgiving through Christmas. They didn’t ask for attention, leaving their house lights off every night. I think they just truly enjoyed the community coming out to participate in their joy. The joy of sharing Christmas.

Little did they know, thirty years ago, that it would be one of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas.

Today’s Challenge: Take your family to go look at the lights. Is there a house in your community that lights up every year? Maybe it’s your downtown or a certain neighborhood that everyone gets in on the cheer? Take a thermos of hot chocolate and go. Savor the season and see some lights together tonight.

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