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Advent: Dance Party! (Day 6)


I love Christmas music. I’m one of those who has to pinch myself not to start listening too early or I’m one of those that you make fun of!

But if I’m honest, this year I decorated my house BEFORE we even left for the Thanksgiving holiday and I turned on Christmas music too! And you know what? I will not apologize.

This year we only have three weeks to enjoy the Christmas season, the lights and glittering glow and I’m going to get my fill. Three weeks, {add a few extra days…}, oh my!

Another favorite activity of our family is dancing in the kitchen. Like many homes, our kitchen is the center of everything. Everyone is always in the kitchen! I’m constantly yelling at my sock-racing boys to get “out of the kitchen!” It’s downright dangerous sometimes.

But sometimes? Sometimes we dance. Sometimes we turn up the music and we all get our boogie on all around the kitchen island. Some of my favorite family memories involve dancing in the kitchen! I’ll admit we have had some tears after getting too crazy, but I can guarantee one thing: laughing.

There is nothing so sweet as the sound of children laughing. Laughing kids are happy kids.

Today’s Challenge: Turn on your favorite Christmas tunes and start up a dance party! In your kitchen, living room or dance on the beds. Let your kids see you have fun. Invite music and dancing and laughter into your home tonight.

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