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Advent: Glitter bomb! (Day 21)

Glitter makes everything better!


Have you ever done a craft project or even put on makeup and then added a little bit of glitter or sparkle? It makes everything more fun. It makes everything feel more fancy, festive, cheery and HAPPY!

Today is about happy. Today is about surprising someone else with a big dose of happy glitter surprise!

Today’s Challenge: Glitter bomb someone’s house! This is a fun alternative to toilet-papering! Take a big container of glitter and sparkle someone’s driveway, front porch, mailbox, or the hood of their car. This isn’t to WRECK anything (please!), but to add a touch of fun! A NICE surprise when they come out of their house in the morning and see everything shiny and glittering. Waiting. For them. Leave a note to say they’ve been hit with a glitter bomb and to pass it on! Let’s see how many people we can hit with big dose of happy today!

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