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Advent: Let it snow (Day 17)

There is something about snow that makes Christmas feel like Christmas. One year my family spent Christmas in Mexico and it just wasn’t the same. As a girl from the midwest we did winter the old fashioned way. Cold and snowy. Something about that rooted deeply in me and Christmas just isn’t Christmas without snow.

In the northwest, this year I’m really crossing my fingers for snow!

It amazes me how magical it really is. I watch my kids now at their sweet ages and they just really want to be in the snow. In the cold, the wet, the icy, sleety, sticky snow. It doesn’t matter. Truth be told, it kind of does matter to me! I like to look at it, I don’t necessarily still love to play in it. But they want me so desperately to go out and play in it with them.

Last week my middle son begged me to put on my boots and go slide on the ice covered driveway. So I did. We played arctic animals, I could be any animal I wanted. I was a polar bear, he an arctic wolf. We slipped and skated and chased and played until it was time for hot chocolate and a rest. We really weren’t out there all that long and I think it meant more to him than I’ll ever know.

Today’s Challenge: Put on your boots and coat and mittens and go outside and play in the snow. In the cold, the ice, the rain, the sleet, whatever you have. Make snow angles, snowmen, slide on the ice, or pretend around the pool that you’re penguins and polar bears. Life is too serious. Play and be silly and just have fun.

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