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Advent: The Love Candle (Day 22)

Today is the twenty-second day of Advent, the day we light the love candle.

The first Sunday we lit the hope candle: finding hope in the midst of our circumstances, finding HOPE in the presence of Jesus. The second Sunday we lit the peace candle: finding PEACE in the provision of Jesus, right in the middle of our imperfection, our striving and our chaotic life. We find peace knowing He is there, in the midst of it, offering rescue from our fear. Last week we lit the joy candle: finding JOY in our birthright as a believer in Christ. We don’t find joy because we are necessarily happy in all things, we have joy because He is near.

This week we reflect on the gift of His love. What is love? It’s a difficult thing for sinful man to grasp. A word we have distorted and perverted so badly we don’t even know what it really is. We live in a world rife with sickness and struggle, disappointment and longing. We search for love in every way of our flesh, forgetting that real love, true love, is rooted in our heart.

In our flesh we are apt to hurt those around us, sometimes even the ones we love the most. Intentionally and unintentionally we fail to love. We fall short, misunderstand and miss the mark. In our flesh we fail; and yet we long to be loved in return.

This week is about the covenant of love God gave to us with the birth of His Son, Jesus. Our lives are messy and broken and hurting and He sent His son to meet us, with grace. He came to interrupt a world of hurt and prove that love, His love, would win. His love tells us that no matter how alone we feel, He is with us. No matter how lost we become, He will find us. No matter how weak we are, He will be our strength.

He loved us so much that He gave His only Son. He met us where we are – He came to be with us in our weakness, vulnerability and overwhelming need. God came down to save us from our wounds. He came to save us from ourselves.

His love tells us that no matter what our story is: no matter where we have been, where we are, or where we are going, love is the ending. In Him, because of His unconditional, unfailing love, He will write the ending. Love wins.

If you feel alone, lonely, weak, hurt, disappointed or sad, this video just might help you see that love really does conquer all. He is coming. The time is so near.

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