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Advent: Make the Call (Day 11)

Holidays can be a hard time of year. We feel hard pressed on every side and know that we can’t possibly please everyone. We know that despite our best efforts, we’re going to let someone down. We know that others around us are drowning in despair or depression, disillusionment or pain.

I feel the same pressure as you. I lack the ability, the time, and sometimes the humility to make the call I know I need to make. To reach out to the parent, the sibling, friend, or neighbor I know could really use a cheer.

I can bet you already have a face that comes to mind. You know who it is because you’ve been putting it off for so long already.

Today’s Challenge: Meet the need. Make the call and please, dear God, DO NOT text. Make the call to someone you know could use hearing your voice. Schedule it. Make extra time in case the conversation goes long. Invest in the people you love, even if you don’t particularly feel it sometimes.

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