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Advent: Make room (Day 18)

So many of us we don’t realize how truly blessed we are. Too often, I am one of them. We remember Christmas is about Christ and yet the presents still come. We still find ourselves filling our cart or shopping online to find just one more thing for this child. That person. Another “gift” for myself. If you’re anything like us, year after year, birthday after birthday, Christmas after Christmas we collect toys and games and clothes and piles and mountains of stuff.

We collect things. On some level we think these things will make us happy, but they don’t. They end up just taking up space.

They take up time. They take so much of our time just picking up, organizing, picking up again and again and again. I wonder how many times I’ve yelled at my kids for not picking up for the millionth time?

Today’s Challenge: Make room. Take your kids and go through their toys and clothes and things. Have each child select a certain number of items to donate this year to make room for the new. There are so many children who won’t be fortunate to get a gift this Christmas. Teach them more isn’t better. It is far better to appreciate what we have than to accumulate excess we don’t even care about. Donate unused or unloved treasures to someone who will treasure them.

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