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Advent: Paper Snowflakes (Day 5)


I still remember making paper snowflakes as a kid. The other week I was jumping on the trampoline with my kids when an old memory came flooding back. I am not a person who remembers a ton from my childhood. Not that it was bad or unmemorable, I just don’t have a good memory for that kind of thing. But this memory was vivid. It was one I hadn’t even thought of or remembered before. It was simple and reminded me that sometimes the smallest, simplest things stick with us for a lifetime.

What is your favorite craft you made as a kid at Christmas?

We’re going to do a few different ones this season but today, we’re making paper snowflakes.

Because I have three small kids and only two hands, this year we’re going to use white coffee filters. They’re already the perfect size and they have that scalloped edge that will add an instant beautiful finishing detail. Did I mention I’m kind of a perfectionist too?! I have to stay totally detached from the finished outcome otherwise I’d probably be cutting corners and straightening edges all night!

I’ve got some left-over spray glitter so who knows! Maybe we’ll be making our snowflakes all sparkly too!

Today’s Challenge: Get crafty! Put on some music and make paper snowflakes and hang them in the windows. Sometimes getting engrossed in a fun craft – even one as simple as this – fills up your spirit so much more than zoning out to the same old television (but believe me we do that sometimes too). Most important, have fun!

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  • Helen December 4, 2014, 1:19 pm

    Loving your Advent series (thank you!)….I think we will make paper snowflakes today…..thank you for the idea!

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