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Advent: Pay it forward (Day 9)

I’m a Starbucks girl. I met my husband at Starbucks over 10 years ago and we’ve been faithful ever since. To each other, AND to Starbucks!

As a gold-card-carrying girl it’s been hard for me to give up my favorite coffee every day. I’ve given it up as a daily dessert and moved it to a luxury indulgence as I’m working on my next blog challenge for January: Your Best You – Loving The Skin You’re In. It’s going to be a challenge where we’ll talk about exercise and fitness, nutrition, beauty and spiritual practice. I think you’re going to love it.

That said, I do miss my afternoon ritual of chocolate and chai.

So today, we’re going to indulge AND give.

Today’s Challenge: Head to your favorite coffee drive through and order one for you, and {if you can} pay for the person behind you.

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