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Advent: The Peace Candle (Day 8)

Today is the eighth day of Advent and the day we light the second candle, the Peace Candle.

Last week we lit the Hope Candle. Finding hope in the midst of our circumstances with the presence of Jesus. He is our hope.

This week is about finding peace in the midst of the chaos and craziness of our life, right smack dab in the center of our struggles and strife. Glory to God in the Highest, peace on Earth, goodwill to men. Peace is the conscious knowing that God’s provision is everywhere, despite our personal struggles.

For many of us this season is filled with the opposite of peace. It’s full of anxiety, expectation, bitterness, resentment and fear. It reminds us of all that is not well. Everything that is not full. Our bank accounts, broken relationships, and our ability to manage it all well. One of our greatest adversaries this holiday season is perfectionism. We want this season – we want everything – to be perfect.

But life isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect.

For many of us, we wrestle with accepting imperfection. Imperfection in us, our relationships, our kids, our life, our reality. We want a break from the ongoing judgment, both internal and external, that we aren’t enough. Jesus reconciles us to God and frees us from accusation and condemnation. HE is our peace. He finds us in the midst of our circumstances and gives us Himself. His perfection. He gives us peace.

If you struggle with perfectionism or if you’re facing condemnation, persecution or anxiety, this video – and the peace candle – might be just what you need.

Today’s Challenge: Light the second candle, the Peace Candle.

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