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Advent: Popcorn Garlands (Day 7)


Do you remember making popcorn garlands when you were a kid? I do.

Or maybe you were a paper chain family? It seems you were one or the other. I’m biased, but I think popcorn chains were much smarter because, well hello: multitasking! Craft AND eat!


Some of these old simple traditions have fell by the wayside as Pinterest and blogs have made things so much more complicated and way more chic. But is it just me, or is culture getting way out of hand? If you’re paying any attention {and I really try hard not to} the world seems to be going nowhere really fast.

So this year I’m not interested in chic and creative; I just want some old fashioned goodness back.

Today’s Challenge: Pop popcorn! String it on strings. Cut out paper chains and staple them together. Teach your kids that perfect isn’t better and sometimes good is enough. Sometimes simple is best. Make a mess on your floor and eat popcorn watching your favorite Christmas movie and string your garlands on the tree. They’re going to be so proud.

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  • Danielle Dyball December 7, 2014, 9:28 pm

    We are definitely keeping things simple this year. Popcorn garland will be so much fun to make! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and just enjoy life.

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