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Advent: Relax (Day 24)

Are you tired yet? I’ve been up really late every night this week and I swear the kids get up earlier when they’re on vacation! Why is that?

But the wait is almost over. The anticipation, planning, preparation, shopping, wrapping, and waiting is almost done. Christmas and the birth of our Savior has nearly come. With it, many of us are weary.

Weary of the waiting. Weary of all the things that have gotten tied to Christmas. The things that have gotten in the way of Christmas. So many good things and yet, so many things. Today I will do one last thing. I will prepare our annual birthday cake for Jesus, and then I’m done. Nothing more will be bought, wrapped or sent. It’s time to remember. Time to reflect and relax and remind ourselves to be present in this moment. This one.

Today’s Challenge: Relax. Turn on a favorite Christmas movie or set aside a stack of favorite Christmas stories to read to your kids. Light a fire. Draw a bath. Take an evening to relax and turn in to each other and the things that matter. The things could never be bought in a store or found under a tree.

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