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Advent: Snowball fight! (Day 12)

We had our first snowfall here in late November and it took about thirty seconds before my boys were ready for a snowball fight!

I’ll be honest, first I watched as my boys and husband began hurling balls of snow across the driveway at each other, me the photographer of the family. I was capturing the memory but suddenly I realized: I wasn’t in it.

You can bet that I quickly put down the camera and joined in.

The snow was perfect for packing and in fifteen minutes we were breathless, wet and laughing hysterically.

Most nights at dinner we go around the table and tell each other our favorite thing. That night, each boy said the snowball fight was their favorite thing. I had to admit, it was my favorite thing too.

Today’s Challenge: Start a snowball fight! Or if you’re struggling for snow like we are in the northwest then go outside and do some puddle whompin! Do something fun, outside in the elements! Put down the camera documenting your family, and join your family. Some of the best memories are the ones only captured in our mind. Make a memory together today.

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