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Advent: Wearing it out (Day 23)

Hopefully by now school is out and if your house is anything like mine you need some outdoor entertainment to get a bit of the energy worked out! I swear my boys get louder and crazier every single DAY! Lord, it’s going to be a long winter.

After a few years of begging, I finally convinced my husband to allow me to get our boys a trampoline for this very reason. It’s a safe one with a big, tight net around it but we needed something to get the boy crazy OUT of the house instead of it going off INside our four walls. Plus, my aunt always told me that kids need fresh air every single day. I agree.

My mom is visiting and with her, my niece and nephew. Yesterday we spent about three hours hiking the trails and climbing the cliffs at one of my favorite places. The views were spectacular and the kids had the best time. There is something about being outside and doing something together that is the stuff of memories. My nephew looked at me at one point and said, thank you so much for bringing me here. 

Today’s challenge: Get outside and have some old fashioned fun. Go sledding. Make a snowman. Go for a hike or a family run. Do something outside, together, to wear out some of the energy and breathe in some fresh air. You’ll be glad you did.

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