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Are Finances Tight?

We’re counting down Christmas with 12 Days of Fitness and if you’re like most people, right about now money feels really tight. Do you want to get healthy and fit but the cost of a club or gym membership stops you in your tracks? I get it. It’s expensive. Personal training is even more so. Perhaps today you’re feeling frustrated because all of this working out, getting fit, designing a life you love stuff sounds really good, but one line keeps running through your head: I CAN’T AFFORD IT!

I get it. Really I do. Here’s the amazing news: this endeavor doesn’t have to be expensive! When I was home over the summer staying with my mom, or at my in-laws for Thanksgiving, there wasn’t a piece of workout equipment to be found for miles. I improvised. I used rocks, flagstone slabs, steps, bleachers, a park bench, a brick, and even an old wooden barrel. There was even a wooden contraption on wheels to slide under your car that I tried for a killer ab exercise and nearly face planted! I tried. My point is this: You can find so many things to strength train right in your own backyard or garage.

In fact, to use the COR44™ Personal Training Cards™, you probably already have everything you need. What do you need? Dumbbells. I recommend 5 and 10lb dumbbells if you’re just starting out, or 7.5, 12, and 15 if you’re more advanced. After that, all you need is a bench, chair or a stair to do the rest of the exercises. That’s it! I wanted this workout to be simple so that anyone could do it, anywhere.

Finances still feel tight? Here are a few alternatives to the gym:

  1. Strength train at home: Use inexpensive resistance bands or materials you have laying around your house in place of weights. Do pushups and squats using your own body weight. Aren’t sure what to do? COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ are designed to use at a gym, at home, in the park or on the go. Easy peasy.
  2. Take the stairs: Skip the elevator and escalator and take the stairs instead. This past summer you could find me almost every day running stairs at the local fairgrounds. Several mornings a week you will find me on the stair machine at my local gym dripping with sweat. We so rarely take an elevator that my kids think it’s an adventure!
  3. Start a run/walk group: Sixteen years ago I signed up for my first marathon and started training with a running group. Not only did I learn so much about the mechanics and lifestyle of the running community, I met two women who would become the dearest lifelong friends.

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. You can’t let small challenges throw you off course. This kind of fierce determination underscores another COR44™ belief: I AM RESOURCEFUL. 

Often there is extra money being spent every day on things you don’t need. Toys your kids won’t even care about tomorrow. Chances are you have a ton of things you don’t even use taking up space in your house or closet that would be better off sent to a consignment store. Challenge yourself to be resourceful and find a way to make yourself, and your health, a priority.

If you want to be successful at anything, you must prepare for obstacles and accept that you will be doubted and tested. Often in your own head. Met with any challenge, you have two choices: Give up or Get up. It isn’t ever easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. But it eventually does happen. You meet a challenge, and you rise. You see a problem, and you solve it. Why? Because you are worthy, you are enough, you are able, you are smart, you are determined, you are well, you are resourceful and you are free. Are you ready to live like it?

Do you want to be strong?

Tomorrow is your absolute last day to order and get your cards in time for Christmas. If you’re tired of not knowing what to do or how to do it, or sick of feeling intimidated and tired of waiting around hoping to get strong someday…try it! What have you got to lose? It’s your time.

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