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Are You Afraid to Fail?

Hey friends! It’s our last day counting down to Christmas and fitness. Can you believe it’s here? I also want to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown to me and COR44™ Personal Training Cards™! I am blown away by your support, encouragement and excitement. Also, we will have a free January workout calendar you can download next week! It will lay out a plan for you to tackle the New Year strong, and help you see the hundreds of ways you can use your cards to find your strength this year.

As we come to the close of this challenge, perhaps one of the barriers we’re the most afraid to admit is fear of failure. Maybe what makes that admission even harder is if you’ve already tried and fallen short. Given up. Fell off the wagon. You think: I ALREADY TRIED. 

Maybe you take that thought a step further and think that means you can’t try again. Why would it be different this time? Here’s what I want to say to you today: Don’t give up. Reevaluate what went wrong and learn from that experience.

I remember when I was going through my divorce from my high school sweetheart. I felt like such a failure. A loser. I was only person I knew at twenty years old, getting divorced. You may as well have painted a scarlet letter on me. And then a woman I barely knew said so simply: “It was an experience. Learn from it.” And I have. All the things that didn’t work out, didn’t go well, or didn’t result in success have informed, motivated, and changed me more than anything else ever could. The point is: Don’t quit.

You have no idea who is coming up behind you that is going to need your strength, your resilience, and your success to help build their own. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for them. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and faith is so much greater than fear.

As you take your first brave steps, remember:

  1. Start small: Set yourself up to achieve some small wins. Like a racehorse, you don’t want to push yourself into a race you’re not ready for and break your spirit. You can do all things, but first you’ve got to build your strength and endurance.
  2. Set realistic goals: Sit down with a calendar and make a plan for how you’re going to move every day. This doesn’t have to be an hour — just more than you’re doing right now! Stick with manageable goals you can achieve. Next week you can download our January workout calendar. It’s jam packed with ideas to get you moving and building strength but do you have to do everything on it every single day? NO! It’s a guide. After you download it, modify it for where you are and what you can do right now. Add another rest day if you need it. And then build. You’ll get there.
  3. Remember: Why do you want to get healthy, fit and strong? What is your purpose? Is it to play with your kids/grandkids? Is it to be able to hike and enjoy your life? It will never work long-term if it’s only about weight or size. You are more than that, and made for more than that. You are more than your body. It’s simply the place where you live right now. Take care of it. Remember your reason, and let it drive you to success.

When you live from the perspective of eternity, remembering that all things are connected – spirit, soul, mind, and body – you get to see possibility. The energy, life and passion that can drive you. The power that lies within you. It’s remarkable. Harnessed, nothing can stop it. This brings us to our last CORbelief for this series: I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

You are unstoppable. Do you know how much power you have over your life? Your story? The legacy you will leave? YOU have so much more power than you know to design a life you love. To live with your whole heart. To laugh. To cry. To feel, and to fly. You are unstoppable beautiful friend. So don’t stop. Move. And live.

Don’t forget to order your COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ and be ready for the January workout challenge with us!

I love you friend! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I pray you have a very, very merry Christmas. xoxo

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