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bee hive : {extra}ordinary heart

a few years ago my boys and i were walking into the gym where i work out and spotted an abandoned little bee hive on the ground. my boys are gatherers…scavengers you might say. any errant feather, stone, stick or object found on the sidewalk is likely to find it’s way into one of their little pockets!

but this time, they found a treasure.

this little bee hive heart is one of those very ordinary things that blessed me in an extraordinary way. i immediately went to the local craft store to find a shadow frame and this abandoned beehive resides on a wall in our house. a treasure and a memory with my boys i will cherish always.

i imagine years from now i will look at this ordinary abandoned object, and cry. a lifetime of memories having passed us by in but a blink. only the tiny memories holding space for the time that is gone. {tears}…

bee hive heart

it’s the small things, always. the simple, small things that remind us to stop and be still. to be awake in the moment. to savor and celebrate the ordinary things that, given a chance, become such extraordinary things.

it’s the way children look at life. everything an adventure, every thing new. my boys have gifted me with the ability to look at life with their eyes. to see the wonder in the everyday, in the ordinary. and though life is dark and hard sometimes, there are millions of extraordinary things waiting right outside your back door. if only we could see.

“listen to the mustn’ts child, listen to the don’ts. listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the won’ts. listen to the never haves, then listen close to me…anything can happen, child. anything can be.”-shell silverstein

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: expect something extraordinary today. look with the eyes of a child and i think you’ll see!

i hope this 31-day series is helping you to look at your day with an expectation for the extraordinary. because the more we look for it, the more we see. this is day 30 of our month-long {extra}ordinary life challenge! you can catch up on missed posts right {here}.


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