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Starting over again

I’ve started life over again more times than I can count. For the last few years I’ve resolved to begin every year with a single word to guide me, and this year I’m endeavoring to know, hold and live with peace. Peace in the midst of the messy, the unfinished and the unknown. Perhaps I should just say PEACE in the midst of LIFE.

What’s your word?

It’s by the sheer goodness of God I report that despite a crazy start to the year, peace plans are still intact. I spent the last two weeks slowly moving out of our home, and this past weekend our movers came to move all the furniture. Quickly, the peaceful slow pace amped up into a crazy fast, over-the-top stressful pace. Imagine my surprise when my forecasted four-hour move actually took five guys and a girl (me) two full days to move! TWO DAYS.

But aside from moving and cleaning and saying goodbye to our home, (which I fully expected and believed was going to be agonizing), the weekend moved with a peace I didn’t know would come. Though that’s not to say it went completely tear-free.

When the moving trucks pulled into the driveway, reality hit and the floodgate of tears flowed free. The second set came when our boys wanted one last round of fun on their play set. But we moved out, and today I literally handed over the keys to the new owners filled with a peace I never expected.

Peace in the midst of hard dynamics. Peace in an unknown future. Peace in the leaving behind, and beginning of something new. Though tears marked the letting go and saying goodbye, they didn’t compare to the third set that came with the hope of the future.

We had a big wooden picnic table in our backyard and today my husband moved it to our new lot on the lake where we will dream and laugh and play while we wait. THIS made me cry so much more than the goodbye. Our little picnic table is the first to set up residence on the site of our forever home. To some it might seem silly, but to us it symbolizes so much. Because I’m learning that sometimes far much more than having — is hoping. Having something to wait for. Believe in. Hope for. Dream of. This is where we are now. In the middle of waiting, hoping, believing and dreaming. Maybe you are too.

Beginning again image quote

Maybe you are waiting, hoping, dreaming and believing for something that you don’t yet have. Something you can’t quite hold yet. Join me in holding onto peace and finding hope while you wait. Peace, knowing that God is good and His plans will prevail, and in His timeline He will provide every good thing.

Beginning again block quote

For now we will sit here on warm summer days and dream and laugh and enjoy what lies ahead. And despite the present snow and cold I see a whole lot of camping, fishing, swimming and sunning happening here soon and I can’t wait.

How can you enjoy what you have while you hope and wait?

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  • Judy January 11, 2016, 6:17 pm

    Beautiful just beautiful, I too sit and hope and wait, after the death of my husband this month 3 years ago, I am alone and lonely. I hope and wait for someone new to come and fill my life again. God willing.

  • Lisette January 12, 2016, 7:09 am

    Needed this this morning. Thank you!

  • Linda January 12, 2016, 7:15 am

    Timely. We are just getting ready to list our house, moving to who knows where, after a year of waiting to know “exactly” where we are landing. We still don’t know. But I’m excited to take that step of faith.

  • Karen M. Roth January 12, 2016, 4:46 pm

    Congrats on the lovely new view you have in your new home {{{{hugz}}}.

    Well, My word for the year is actually two words: Intentional Joy.

    This year in spite of my failing health I want to Relaunch my Blog. I have been dreaming of this for the past year.

    I also have a 2nd dream of Renewing Our Wedding Vows. I have been buying the items with my monthly allowance of $25.00 on Ebay and Etsy to hand make everything for the past 3 years. But my ill health has gotten in the way. I keep praying for a Miraculous healing so I can finish what has been begun but sadly it has not happened as of yet but I keep hoping for the sake of my dear husband. I still have to make my ball gown I want to wear, the quilted wallhanging for the alter, and to crochet the Bible cover for the Precious Bible of my Dear Pa Bear who Gave us The Blessing on our Marriage when we were married in 2004. This will be hard for me as he passed away a year ago last October. I also had two Silver pendant Memorial charms made by the sweet @SmilingBlueDog at Etsy, one for the Bible and one for my husband’s suit. But whatever the outcome of my health I want God’s Will to be done as he sees more than I can.

    My own family will not be present as they have disowned me. I keep praying for my parents (my father may be dying as well), my brother,my children, my grandchildren to be (if the Lord is willing).– I would like to ask that anyone who is willing to pray for the salvation of my family and the reuniting of my children in my life on a daily basis I would be eternally grateful. You can read my blog for the issues and pain I am dealing with at until I take it down and Relaunch it. In a short messy word it is my testimony of how God has help me overcome so many painful hurtful things and to rise above them with his love and help. To know what true love is and to forgive those who have hurt me the deepest. I am still struggling to accept what is and to let it go. I feel like a failure. I struggle with not feeling accepted and loved in the human realm but I know with all my heart that God loves me and accepts me.

    My 3rd Dream is to write a book of encouragement for other women who have gone through what I have been through but I am still praying about it.

    My 4th dream is to Adopt a sweet dog named Axel who has been through hell and back and needs a loving home for the 1st time in his life. He does have some behaviour issues but this sweet dog has been waiting since 2013 for Adoption. So please pray that my husband and God will allow this to happen if it is God’s Will or to give me peace to let it go. I have such a huge heart for abused animals but I think this is because of my own history of abuse and I have such a love that is probably much deeper than it should be but I cannot help it; it is how God created me. I have the Spiritual Gift of Mercy. I truly believe that every thing I have gone through in my life has prepared me for this precious gift but it also leads to a very broken heart and major depression when I allow myself to get too deeply involved. My emotions runaway with me most of the time. So I am praying for balance on this.

  • Crystal January 12, 2016, 5:04 pm

    Tammy, when you write about hope my mind immediately goes to Romans 8:24, “For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?” Love how you are hoping and believing God the unseen.

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