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Blast Calories Fast

With the holidays behind you, are you wondering how those extra pounds crept up and glued themselves to your body? You’re not alone. Many people gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds over the holidays. Flashbacks of the wagon of animal fat Oprah pulled across her stage in the 80s come to mind. It may be considered normal today, but it’s certainly not good. I read an article where Dr. Oz said most people won’t take that weight back off.

Well then. Most people are not you. 

Did you gain some unwanted weight over the holidays? It happens. That doesn’t mean it has to stay. Want some more good news? You don’t need any fancy equipment or even a gym membership to get your life and your body back on track.

Here are a few ways to blast unwanted calories fast:

  1. Start with Exercise: Working out first thing in the morning can help you lose 20 percent more fat than exercising after breakfast. Working out on an empty stomach forces your body to dig into it’s fat stores for energy. Plus, getting it out of the way first thing means you’ve started your day with success and you get to ride on the endorphins the rest of the morning.
  2. HIIT: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Incorporating HIIT into your workout routine or in short bursts throughout your day will burn more fat, increase your metabolism, and build a healthy heart. Plus, you don’t need any equipment and can be done on a tight schedule. Each of the COR44™ workouts include bouts of HIIT. They get your heart pumping, the sweat dripping and fat melting.
  3. Strength Train: Strength training is one of the best things you can do for your body and your weight. There are so many benefits to strength training but one of the best is the long afterburn. You will continue to torch fat post-workout. Who doesn’t love free burning fat? That’s why I developed COR44™ Personal Training Cards™
  4. Increase your Pace: Incorporate sprint intervals into your workout. If you’re walking or running, use the length between telephone poles to either jog or sprint. Then return to your original pace. Changing your pace quickly and frequently can help you burn up to 20 percent more calories, compared with maintaining a constant speed.
  5. Try Tabata: This workout is not for sissies. Pick four total body moves like jump squats, burpees, or plank jacks. Do one for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then do it again. Continue to the next move and repeat. The workout is just 4 minutes long but you can burn 13 calories a minute and double your calorie burn for a half hour afterward.
  6. Rest: Your body isn’t meant to go in the non-stop way you push it every day. A loss of sleep sets the brain up to make bad decisions. You may lean on a latte to get moving, skip exercise, order take-out and then stay up late because you’re full. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that lack of sleep resulted in people choosing high-carb, high-fat snacks and eating bigger portions of all foods. In addition, they found that lack of sleep makes you metabolically groggy. Your body doesn’t process insulin properly, which means that instead of processing fats from your bloodstream, your body will store them as fat. Too little sleep messes with your metabolism and makes your brain make bad decisions, which all lead to weight gain.

So you overdid it on the holidays. Instead of practicing moderation you indulged. Maybe you even stopped working out entirely. Life happens. The great news is there is never a better time to get back on track. It’s your time.

If you need help knowing what to do, I can help. I created COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ to help women find their strength, in all areas, through strength training. There are no words to express the unbelievable excitement and JOY it has been to see photos of you working out with your cards this week! Thank you for sending them to me and tagging us on social media! If you haven’t ordered yours yet, remember — you don’t need any equipment but dumbbells! You can use them at home, in a gym, at a park or anywhere else you go. COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ were made to travel and fit into YOUR life. The cards are synthetic so they’re waterproof and tear proof. Throw them in your gym bag, your purse or your luggage and you’re on your way. Need extra ideas? We created a free January workout calendar you can download right here.

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