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Stay Energized All Day

Feeling tired? Join the club. The combination of hyper-productive, over-scheduled, picture perfect, stressful lifestyles have contributed to an energy crisis in America. When it comes to energy, it's not finite -- but you can waste it. The good news is you can also increase it. James Redfield said, "Where intention goes, energy flows." We all Read More

Summer Workout Tips

The key to a healthy life is consistency. As Steven Pressfield says, you have to "Do the work." When it comes to working out in the summer the same rules apply. Despite the myriad distractions, excuses, and seemingly way better options, you've got to keep moving, training, and doing the work. But how? What happens Read More

Delicious Chicken Bok Choy Bowls

If you've been here long you know exercise is my thing. Twenty plus years later I still love it. Still need it. Lord knows I'd be a horrible, angry, self-righteous brat without it. Help us all. But for the last year I've been easing outside my box in regard to food. This, itself, is a Read More

Some Good Book Therapy

There is nothing I look forward to more than a pair of cozy pajamas, my feet up and my nose in a good book. It's therapy. Book therapy. If the kids are gone and the house is quiet it's totally legit. This year I've recovered my favorite pastime: Wasting all the time in the world that I could be doing all Read More

FREE Get Strong for Summer Workout

The statistics are in. The most popular resolution for 2017 is to ‘Get Healthy’. While it’s no shocker that getting healthy tops the list, this year, people are specifically interested in getting strong. Why is that statistic important? Because upwards of 80 percent of resolutions fail. Let's face it: life is full. Every day you juggle a hundred Read More

Less Hustle. More HEART.

It's not your fault. Seriously. We live in a culture where you're being conditioned to run from one meaningless task to another, filling your days, months and every single minute with unnecessary things for the prized, but rarely acknowledged, status of busy. As if it's something to aim for. What's happened to us? In my own Read More

Delicious Detox Shake

Detox drinks are a powerful tool to add to your recipe arsenal. Why? Detox drinks help your body not only lose weight, but also rid the body of excess waste, boost metabolism, reset your digestive system, improve colon and liver function, and set the stage for healthier eating. Could your body benefit from a detox? Chances Read More

5 Ways to Thrive

Everybody goes through hard times. Whether it's relationships, finances, health or circumstances; at some time or another, everyone fights a hard battle. But, does it always have to be so hard? Is there a way to thrive instead of just survive? The answer is, unequivocally, yes. Sometimes we make matters far worse simply by the Read More

Rule Your Food

Are you the boss of your mouth? Many times I wonder. I have an addictive personality that requires me to be extra careful because my actions often become habits. Food is no exception. Do you feel like your food choices are driven by habits, cravings or comfort rather than fueling your body? You're not alone. Food is the Read More

How to Find the Man of Your Dreams

Next week is Valentine's Day friends. Do you wish you could find the man of your dreams? Who doesn't? Some days I know for sure, and some days it's highly questionable, but after thirteen years of marriage one thing is true: He is mine. But it took a few detours and crash landings to find him. Growing Read More

Low Carb Coconut Granola

Do you love granola but don't love the carbs? I was making my routine Greek yogurt with coconut granola breakfast the other morning when my friend remarked: "You know, you eat a lot of carbs!" Truth be told I hadn't even thought about it. I'm not much of a counter and I'm pretty good about choosing healthy Read More

Sweet Potato Love

I'll just be upfront right now: I don't love sweet potatoes. There. I said it. But because I'm a good sport, and January has been about trying new foods and eating healthier now, I made them last week and, paired with the leftover dip from the Crispy Chicken Tacos -- I died. Maybe there is Read More

How to Design a Life You Love

It's a little ironic, truth be told, telling you how to design a life you love. I spent most of my life trying desperately to fit in to someone else's version of good enough. Understanding what made me me and discovering what I loved seemed wholly unimportant. For a girl far more bent to the perceptions of Read More

Dealing with Difficult People

After being sick, you become really grateful for health. Access to medicine. Naps. The other day my head was nearly bursting with sinus pressure and a new antibiotic had me both nauseated and foggy minded. But a mom's life doesn't stop just because she's sick. Moms don't get luxuries like that. I needed to run my kids to school and Read More

Crispy Chicken Tacos

What's your favorite food? For me, there's a long-standing three-way tie between Thai, Indian and Mexican food. I honestly can't decide what I love the most. Mexican is by far the easiest for me to cook, so we usually have some form of taco, fajita or enchilada one night of the week. I first had this Read More

Eat Healthier Now

I saw a poll that said 77 percent of Americans say they're actively trying to eat healthier. Are you part of this 77 percent? I know I am, and I already eat pretty healthy to start. The better statistic was that only 19 percent reported being on a diet. Ugh. I hate that word! It's Read More

Power Spinach Salad

One of my big goals this year is to broaden my clean eating regimen to include more and different types of foods. I tend to be a bit of a rut person and am very happy eating the same things day after day. But I know my body needs nutrients from other sources, and I Read More

Blast Calories Fast

With the holidays behind you, are you wondering how those extra pounds crept up and glued themselves to your body? You're not alone. Many people gain anywhere from 5-10 pounds over the holidays. Flashbacks of the wagon of animal fat Oprah pulled across her stage in the 80s come to mind. It may be considered normal today, but it's certainly Read More

6 Ways to Lose Weight

Happy New Year! Welcome 2017 -- the year of the braver, better, stronger YOU! Who's with me? Who wants to be braver, better and stronger than you were last year? Anyone want to lose some weight? I've got a secret for you. When you're done reading this post, you will have the tools to drop Read More

Word of the Year 2017

Are you a New Years resolutioner? Do you love starting the New Year with a new list of possibilities? Perhaps you're far more ambitious than I. Five years ago I did away with resolutions and adopted a single word instead. You can read about that process and journey here. Every year, the last days of Read More

Turn Your Weakness into Strength

If you're subscribed to the blog, a few months ago I shared in my newsletter that I had been living out only part of who I am. It's been said that our greatest strength can also be our greatest weakness. Here's what I failed to see: The parts that made some people reject me, feel intimidated or Read More

Are You Afraid to Fail?

Hey friends! It's our last day counting down to Christmas and fitness. Can you believe it's here? I also want to thank you for the overwhelming support you have shown to me and COR44™ Personal Training Cards™! I am blown away by your support, encouragement and excitement. Also, we will have a free January workout Read More

Too Tired to Exercise?

Who's tired? Guys, we're almost there -- the shortest day of the year. Can you believe how dark it is? There's no great time to get outside and find light, except for midday, and who's got time for that? And it's so hard to get up and motivated when it's dark outside. I don't have Read More

Distracted From Your Workout?

We live in a world inundated by messages and advertising. Our phones are nearly attached to our bodies. In a world completely  tech saturated, how do you disconnect? It's hard. Far too often I find myself glued to a small screen, scrolling the feeds of people I'll never meet, while disconnecting from the people who matter most Read More

Are Finances Tight?

We're counting down Christmas with 12 Days of Fitness and if you're like most people, right about now money feels really tight. Do you want to get healthy and fit but the cost of a club or gym membership stops you in your tracks? I get it. It's expensive. Personal training is even more so. Perhaps Read More