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boxed in

you may know me well, you may know me a little, you may not know me at all.  but chances are you have me in a box.  a pretty little box.  it’s what we do.  funny, smart, athletic, loser, pretty, druggie, spiritual, nerdy, you name it there’s a box for it.  and we’re pretty protective of our boxes, aren’t we?  i think back over my life and how i’ve redefined some of my boxes.  in high school i was never considered one of the smart girls, nor was athletic anywhere near my name in a sentence or even a paragraph.  you say sweat, i say uh, makeup?  fast forward a decade or two and i’ve had some interesting, you could call them offensive, emails regarding my law degree and my athletic life.  a few of those former smart kids & jocks didn’t really want to let me into their territory….after all, i was just a pretty pom pon girl.

not only do others put us in boxes, but we put ourselves in them as well.  it’s comfortable there.  there are defined parameters.  we know our role.  it’s safe.  what box are you in?  are you the smart one; the loser?  the pretty face; the athlete; the loudmouth; class clown?  are you the mean girl?  the pothead; over-achiever; social outcast; or social butterfly?  have you noticed that once you’re in a box you start to own the characteristics of that designation?  and there is little freedom to move to another box?  we even protect our boxes from others as if it’s our own territory, that somehow if we let someone in it will somehow take something away from us.  but we don’t necessarily even like being there!  we just know it’s ours and we need to defend it.

so where do we go?  how do we change our identity when our hearts are dying to grow?  how do we seek freedom when we’re boxed in with no ladder to climb out?  we dig in and we find the courage to be who we are in spite of the critics.  because what may please them today will likely garner harsh criticism tomorrow.  we find our heart’s passion and live it out loud.  we take back our power to design our lives.  we let others in.  we allow our friends out.  and if we don’t like the box that we’re in we are brave enough to leave it behind.  if we’re really lucky we have at least one true friend to encourage us to grow.  to be free.  to move beyond the boundary of our box.  or you have us.  a community about that very thing.  to take what we know and the experiences that make us unique and infuse them with the desires of our heart.  to have the courage to dream.  to be bold.  to not shrink.  this life is to be lived, and lived well.  no second chances, no regrets.

what box are you in?  kick down some walls.



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  • Kelli February 9, 2013, 2:41 am

    I found your blog through the Jones Design Co. Blog Class when I was checking out the product of her class. I was not only drawn in by the look of your blog but was also encouraged to see someone else who had the same desires as I. And reading this post has really struck a cord with me and I want to thank you for sharing it. I am in the process of setting up my blog (and transferring over an old one) and the reminder to be my own person has come at the perfect time.

    I would love for you to check me out sometime at but it is still under construction and probably won’t be ready for at least another week. But hope we can connect sometime in the near future.

    • Tammy February 9, 2013, 2:52 am

      thanks kelli! i’m so glad it resonated with you. 🙂 i’d love to check out your blog, go ahead and message me on Facebook when it’s out of maintenance mode! there’s a fb page you can link to on the right sidebar. hang in there through the set up! it’s worth all the hard work. let’s chat.

  • Miette February 9, 2013, 3:46 pm

    Such a timely post in my life this week! …”in spite of the critics…” yes…A person from my past who loves to drag me down attempted to do so again. But his arrows hit an empty box: the box he thought I still occupied. I had outgrown that box long ago and have moved into something the Lord and I are building together. That person is wasting his arrows. Watching his attack from a remote place feels freeing, gratifying, almost amusing. This quote came to mind: “I’m sorry, dear, in order for you to insult me, I must first value your opinion. Nice try, though.” Sarcastic, though it is, the premise is spot on.

    Raising my coffee mug to leaving old boxes behind. Gonna go throw on my running shoes and hammer out a few miles. Have a great weekend, Tammy! 🙂

    • Tammy February 9, 2013, 4:54 pm

      you go, brave warrior girl! i love the visual of the empty box that someone else thinks you still occupy. i’ve got a few of those empty ones behind me too. sweet victory. ((hugs))

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