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boy : {extra}ordinary man

this is one of my favorite pictures from our summer. for part of our time away we were visiting my dad in northern wisconsin and the boys were having the biggest time of their young lives. grandpa’s house was one big, wild adventure. from catching frogs and lightning bugs, setting off lanterns, floating down river and shooting guns, these boys played hard.

for days uninterrupted, they lived out the wild heart of a boy.

boy shoes

to me, this photo captures the perfect memory i have of my boys at my father’s house. i remember my oldest son taking off his shoes before going chest deep into this pond on an afternoon-long adventure catching frogs. he and his middle brother spent hours in this dank muddy swamp sharpening their skills as adventurer, explorer, and mighty frog hunter.

this image reminds me of my most important role as their mother: to teach them to live. not to tame their wild heart.

so often i get caught up in things that matter little in this life. matter nothing in the end.

keeping my house clean or getting dinner ready at night. tidy, picked up lives where all the mess pushes to the inside. filling up the well of brokenness and unlived dreams that eventually spill over, desperate for freedom, or wither away and die.

caught in a whirlwind of the expectations of this life, far too often i miss the opportunities to let them be boys. messy and wild and beautiful and free.

at the core of their spirit is a drive for adventure. to be a warrior.

and as moms of boys we are raising men. not only allowing, but encouraging them to live free. with the wild heart God planted in them, perfectly designed for the call of his life. not my life. not my way, but one with a vision i cannot see. noisy, messy, energetic, physical and free. God needs us to let them be boys, so that they can grow up and be men.

Godly men.

this photo reminds me to allow them room to live life as an epic adventure. let them dive into a dirty pond chest deep in mud catching frogs because in their heads they are wrestling alligators and slaying dragons. they are warriors. and we need some good warrior men.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: let their little wild hearts go on an adventure, even if that means a mess to clean up later. God needs our little boys to make some mighty men, and they need the spirit of a warrior. let them be boys, and walk into the adventure God has called for their life.

it’s day 24 and life is feeling pretty {extra}ordinary. catch up on the entire month-long series right {here}.



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  • Kris Farley October 24, 2013, 11:10 pm

    I think this one is my favorite – although we loved the cross in the rock too. Congrats on your success so far with your writing! Saw your dad and Terry today.

    • Tammy October 25, 2013, 1:53 am

      thanks kris! it’s been an amazing journey so far, that’s for sure! praying for God to continue to open and close doors. honored to have you here!

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