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broken down : {extra}ordinary house

i was out for a run the other night. a run i’ve taken many times, but for some reason this old fallen down house caught my eye. when that happens it’s usually Him, telling me to look at something i’ve missed. a simple truth, waiting for me to see.

i wonder how many of us are living in falling down houses. falling down lives, broken by lies.

broken down house

you see i think we so often live on the surface of our life. we pretend we’re okay, that life is okay and sometimes it’s not. we see our friends and acquaintances in the order of our everyday and we say we’re good, life’s good, we’re fine. kids are great, life is great. and the truth is we’re broken.

broken people, living broken lives, pretending it’s good. fine.

but the house falls in.

wrecked from within, the roof caves down and the walls fall in. windows shatter and shards of glass slice the lives of all who live inside. what took so long to build, destroyed by our own hand.

the death of a dream.

what if we lived in the open? what if we shared our brokenness as if it were the very thing that could give us life? what if we cared enough to splay ourselves open for the sake of our healing? for the sake of those we love so deeply, but do not know how to love. what if we risked everything we thought the world held as right, the image of a perfect life, and were honest that it’s not good. no, we’re not fine.

what if we did that? before the house fell down.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: is there something you carry threatening to destroy your marriage, your children, your family or your future? think long and hard about living the lie of a superficial life. we’re a broken people and we need our brokenness to find healing. we do not get to live perfect lives but we do have grace. take a chance, risk the facade, have the courage to be real, and to heal, before the house falls down.

it’s day 28 of this {extra}ordinary life journey and i’m thankful to have each of you here. you can follow on our facebook page and catch up on any missed posts on our overview page. thanks for stopping by. your life matters. this moment matters. thank you for sharing a little bit of it with me. xoxo



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