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Calling out the illusion of a superficial life

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They say friends are the family we choose.

For many of us family hasn’t always been easy. For some of us friendship hasn’t either.

We’ve had wounds and disappointments and prayers unanswered. Perhaps we’ve longed for the approval of our father or the unwavering love of our mother. Maybe we wish we could have a sister. Not just one of flesh, but spirit too. Or maybe we long to have a friend who truly gets us. Who knows us for who we are and accepts us not in spite of, but because of it all.

Because deep in the strands of our DNA is the hardwired need for relationship. To know and be known, to love and be loved in return. To share the intimate places of our truest selves, and find the unrelenting arms of grace.

The threads of family cut deep. The tapestry of our lives is very much told in the story of family. Broken, mended, patched or threadbare; each of us hold a story carved on the walls of our hearts, and we carry the burden on our backs. 

For many, our wounds come from the family we were given. For others, the ones we have chosen. But the truth is we all have a story. Whether a broken dream, a shattered life, or a wounded heart. We all want to be known, but we’re afraid to be seen.

Afraid to have the same painful story of our past repeat itself in our present or future.

So the question becomes: How can we love well in a world of broken, hurting people – hurting other people? How do we live fully and well in a world full to the brim of pain? 

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  • Christan Perona May 27, 2014, 11:08 am

    Your post on (in)courage today is fabulous. It indeed takes courage to live in Christian community… It takes courage to live the way we were created to live, at least while we’re here in this brokenness. Come, Lord Jesus. Thanks for the reminder and inspiration.

    • Tammy May 27, 2014, 11:53 pm

      Thank you Christian! It’s such an honor to have you here. Welcome!

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