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car dancing : {extra}ordinary carpool

with two kids in different schools and sports, our family has spent a lot more time in the car this year. and i see other mom friends with kids older than mine spending even more time in the car each day. let’s face it: as moms we’re spending hours and hours in the car every single day with our kids!

unfortunately, i give myself exactly the amount of time i need to get a task done or get to the next place and so i’m usually rushing to each thing. forgetting toddlers and preschoolers like to take life at a slower pace, mornings tend to be stressful. while driving, i like to catch up on phone calls to maximize use of idle time. but i realized i was tuning out my kids more often than not. turning around to shush them while i was talking and ignoring them. even getting mad at them for laughing, talking too loud or having fun!

so we switched up the routine a few weeks ago. now i plug my phone into my stereo and we crank up pandora kids and rock out on the way to school. it’s a great way to spend our extra time together in the car having fun, acting goofy, laughing and dancing together. it does not fail to make me smile, laugh out loud, and start the day out right with my kids.


perhaps you carpool with neighborhood kids or drive your kids and their friends to after school sports or travel teams. instead of catching up on your endless list of to-dos, make time for fun. you won’t be sorry, and your kids are gonna love it!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: turn up the music in the car with your kids and get your groove on together! start the day out laughing.

it’s day 22 of our month-long {extra}ordinary life challenge! catch up on the entire series right {here} and like us on facebook {here}!



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  • Julie October 24, 2013, 7:20 am

    i absolutely love this!! being present with/for your kids, letting them show and share their enthusiasm (the God in them), is so invaluable. awesome!!

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