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5 things I learned looking back

A few weeks ago a sweet friend of mine had a birthday. A handful of us girls rode our bikes with balloons on them like we were twelve. Seriously. How cute are my friends? We pedaled around town to a few local stops telling stories and laughing, literally, all the way. At our final stop Read More

When your relationships aren’t pretty

I met Alexandra Kuykendall last summer at my friend Krista's house, while she and her family were visiting from Colorado. She and Alex have been friends since college and, though I felt like I already knew her through stories and her writing, I had never actually met her face to face. In the months since Read More

The problem with secret relationships

The other day I was bringing my son to preschool. As we were getting out of the car he asked me to carry him. He's my youngest and I am willing to carry him anywhere because I can. And he's my baby. He's a big baby, mind you, but I'm one of those snuggly-huggy-kissy moms Read More

Learning to let go of hurtful relationships

A thousand miles of silence lay behind me as my shaking hands found the courage to reach out. Misunderstanding and unforgiveness had destroyed what was once relationship and, though nothing in me wanted it back, I longed for peace. I wanted it so deeply I was willing to risk my pride, once again. Willing to submit in the sheer hope that Read More

When you feel like you’re drowning

  I sit at the stoplight numb. Watching the world drive by, I suddenly find the words I'd been trying to locate all week. Out of the silence they crash into my head and I realize I'd been holding my breath. Tears well in my eyes and flood over their gates as I choke out the words Read More

Why you should stop being nice

Have you ever had someone tell you you're nice? I have to be honest that I've never really been a fan of that word. I mean, sometimes we can be nice. I have definitely been nice before. Like the times when being honest is just too hard. Or when I have a hard time just being quiet Read More

How to be less judging, more loving

I'm learning that when we stop judging, and start just paying attention we find that we are all more alike than we are different. We find that the things that really bother us about someone are the very things that we struggle with in our own lives. This summer I volunteered to teach a class Read More

Forgiving yourself when they won’t

  I've lived too much of my life in the punishing grip of another's tightly clenched fist. Holding on, waiting for, and longing to be set free. Wishing and praying and hoping and dreaming I would have done something differently. Said something more perfectly. Begging and offering and asking for forgiveness, never given. Never enough Read More

Calling out the illusion of a superficial life

They say friends are the family we choose. For many of us family hasn't always been easy. For some of us friendship hasn't either. We've had wounds and disappointments and prayers unanswered. Perhaps we've longed for the approval of our father or the unwavering love of our mother. Maybe we wish we could have a Read More

How to stop comparing yourself with others

  Last fall my husband and I took a hiking trip to Canadian Rockies. We were absolutely stunned by the spectacular beauty that surrounded us each day. Majestic mountains reaching their rugged arms to the sky, dipping to drink from the serene turquoise water. Day after day of one breathtaking view after another. Climbing into Read More