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Finding peace when you feel undone

Sometimes I don't feel like a very good mom. Distracted, I stare into the lighted magnifying mirror to analyze the state of my skin. What I see there isn't wholly comforting. I've regressed back to the bumpy hormonal skin of my teen years. I don't like what I see. I don't always like the other things Read More

How to thrive in an imperfect marriage

  I want to introduce you to my friend Kurt Bubna and his incredible book on marriage. I loved it so much you can find my endorsement on the back cover. Kurt is a husband, pastor, writer, speaker, encourager and a very dear friend. His book is thoughtful, witty and a refreshingly candid discussion on all things Read More

5 steps to reignite your marriage

Let's be honest, marriage is hard. Anyone who says it isn't is either lying or doesn't care anymore. We're not those people. Despite the fact that marriage is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, it can also be rich and full and fun. I know some of you just started questioning my judgment Read More

Forgiveness is for you

I've had so many people write to me lately about forgiveness. How to forgive when the pain still hurts so deep. How to move on when the person has caused so much loss. How to let go when what you really want to do is pull in close. And believe me I have been in Read More

Use your marriage to make you better

For every single one of us married, we know it isn't easy. In fact, marriage is really, really hard. Add in kids and it just ratcheted up to the hardest job in the world. Bar none. Because you see, marriage is not only the union between flesh. It is a marriage of souls, dreams, a Read More

Finding grace when they’re driving you crazy

I've been thinking a lot about grace this week, and the sure threads of redemption that bind our tattered stories together. Things go around and come around and never, ever run in a straight line. We hurt one another because of our own embroiled bitterness, insecurity and pain. When bad things happen we blame karma, and Read More