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Learning how to celebrate stillness

celebrate stillness

Well we’ve made it through the first three days! Sometimes I think the first three days are the hardest.

I remember when I was sleep training my babies, all the books said if I could just gut it out three days it would be over. With all three of my boys, they were right. Some didn’t take all three days but all three were sleeping soundly within three nights.

And you’ve MADE IT three nights!

So we’re good. You’re awesome! The rest is smooth sailing!

Today we’re going to start recalibrating our minds to celebrate still.

We’re not programmed for this.

In fact, we’ve lived much of our lives being programmed to rush. To do it all. To fit in anything and everything we can because if we’re not DOING IT ALL then somehow we’re not measuring up.

Today is about snapping that rubber band around your neck {okay, or wrist!} and saying enough!


No, seriously. Right where you are, wherever that is, close your eyes and take in three deep breaths.

Lets start again.

Today we’re going to start recalibrating our minds to celebrate still. Not to gut it out or pencil it in. Our goal at the end of this month is to CELEBRATE still.

An early walk in the crisp morning air, a peaceful half hour in the hammock, a picnic under a tree. In a sunrise or sunset that literally blows your mind. The moments where God speaks to that quiet place in your heart and whispers, “I made this for you.”

To breathe in deeply the peaceful silence of nothing, and find everything.

Because I truly believe with all my heart that He made every tiny, beautiful, ordinary thing for us.

The perfectly shaped heart rock found in the driveway, the prayer stone lost in the bottom of a bag now found. Sunsets and clear, starry skies, the song that came on the radio, or the message from a friend at just the moment you needed to hear her voice. Just for you.

Too often we’re too busy to see.

Too frantic to slow down and savor that deep drink of stillness.

So often we’re filling up all the cups around us that we never have time to fill our own. Today I want you to fill your cup.

And if this is uncomfortable for you, fine. Just get over it and do it anyway.

Today’s Challenge: Schedule in an unscheduled half hour of stillness today just for you. You don’t even have to leave your home if you’ve got young kids and no one to watch them. Take a walk out to your backyard, sit on your balcony, stare into the reflection on the water. This is a block of time where you get to do nothing but notice the ordinary extraordinary things around you. God speaks to me in nature and in metaphor. I wonder what He wants to tell you today.

This is day 4 of our Revolt Against Busy Challenge! You can sign up and find the homepage right {here}.

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