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cha cha : {extra}ordinary perspective

sometimes days just go all wrong. ever had a day like this? from the moment your feet hit the ground things just don’t go your way. i had a weekend like this recently…it started by running horribly late for the entire day. trying to pack without enough time i rushed through the house like a cyclone barely making it out the door in time to pick up my son and get over to my other son’s field trip, from which we were leaving for a weekend to seattle.

after all that swirling and whirling getting on the road, i then spend an extra two and a half hours sitting motionless on a washington state parking lot {interstate i-90} alone with my three boys in the car. add in a total diaper blowout in the back seat and it’s a regular party! finally traffic moves as i white knuckle it through the mountain pass just in time to pull off and fill up my gas tank.

i get the gas going and carry in my boys for a bathroom break. mind you, my youngest is sporting only a diaper because he completely trashed his pants in the aforementioned blowout. finally i get everyone buckled back in the car, re-holster the gas pump, and head out onto i-90 when i look down to see that my tank is still….empty. yep, empty.

apparently the handle unclipped while i was taking the boys in to potty and i overlooked it. now i’m on a deserted stretch of highway with three crying tired boys and still, no gas. a six-hour trip becomes an eight and a half hour trip as we finally climb into bed….{yawn}.

the next day continued such ridiculousness including vomiting from the backseat, and an oil light requiring me to pull off the highway and add 3 quarts of oil to the engine. but the absolute lowlight of the weekend came with me running head first into a bike rack affixed to the back of a parked vehicle knocking me nearly flat out cold. it left an instant goose-egg front and center on my forehead, and a bruise down the entire front of my face that is still sore to the touch two weeks later.


i remember calling my husband on the drive back home telling him: “i just want to come hooooommmmeee!!”

some days we move forward unhindered, and other days we get knocked to the ground. eyes watering, vision clouded and barely able to breathe. frustrated, distracted, overwhelmed and plain flat tired. some days we just want to crawl back into bed and forget about it.

it’s life. we can let it knock us down or we can get back up and keep moving forward.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 8.50.46 PM

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: look at an old situation with a new perspective. put on a pair of slippery socks, find a tile or wood floor, and do a little dance. how about a cha cha?

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