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The secret hidden in anxiety


Have you ever had the feeling you were headed the wrong way?

That gut feeling that says, ‘If you go this way it’s just not going to end well.’

I’m not talking about navigating a map, but it can definitely show up in that case too.

I’m talking about the moments you’re at a crossroads in a relationship, or you’re navigating a decision you’ve made or are about to make. 

For me it starts with a nagging feeling.


Call it intuition, call it a gut feeling, it’s the voice of your experience.

If I don’t listen to it, the thought manifests itself physically in my stomach making me queasy, uneasy, unsettled and anxious. Soon it rises to my throat, choking me a little. Once there, it’s inevitable it goes straight to my head and I start wondering if I’m crazy.

Sometimes I can get a little crazy about things.

Because if you’re anything like me, sometimes it’s hard to listen to my heart.

Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s being completely rational.

My brain wants rational, and my heart just knows some things my brain cannot get.

There are some things it seems that my brain can never learn.

Things like how long to stay, and when it’s definitely time to go. Things like never, ever go that way even though it seems like the prettier path or the more fun journey.

My brain doesn’t understand these things.

But my heart does.

For me, it shows up in anxiety. It shows up in the tension.

I’m learning to pay attention to the tension.

It’s meant to tell me something. To teach me something. To make me grow in a way that my brain is resisting, and yet my heart is fighting for.

That tension is one of our most honest friends. It challenges us. It asks: Where are you going? What are you doing? Why in the world are you headed that way?

It knows us.

It’s been down every road we’ve ever been.

It remembers.

Sometimes the things our minds forget.

It’s meant to protect us. Help us. Teach us. If we let it.

I’m choosing to be brave in the moments when my brain and my heart disagree and to choose the hard thing. Because sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same thing.

Today’s Challenge: Pay attention to the tension. Is there a tension between what you feel in your heart and what you think in your head? If you have to choose one today, choose your heart. Listen to the voice of your experience. The one rising up in your spirit warning you. It might not be the right choice for someone else, but you know it’s the right choice for you. Do the thing you need to do. Say the words you need to say. Pay attention to the tension. Let it teach you and set you free.

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