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chasing extraordinary

chasing extraordinarywithout a moment’s hesitation i knew we were climbing.

i place my hands on the cool rugged surface of the rock and find the first foothold. unsure of my next step i brace for a fall. but a push comes from below and a hand from above and i climb atop the natural stone bridge. the massive rock structure spans a raging glacial river, icy cold water pouring from an impassioned waterfall high above the treeline in the canadian rockies. 360 degrees of awe inspiring, breath-taking vistas.

silent we stand in the stunning wonder of the wide open world. places unmarked by man, vestiges left solely to the hand of an awesome creator God.

arms open, hands reaching, silent surrender.

perspective pours down, falling on us like a drenching rain. the vastness of creation juxtaposed against the smallness of self. slowly we turn taking in each view. far and wide and high and low, wonder. water rushes so forcefully i catch my breath. swirling, whirling, dangerously ice cold. and awe-inspiring, beautifully heart-warmingly simple.


how a trickle becomes a stream, becomes a wild gushing river.

the awesome power of time, married with determination and dedication to steadily moving forward. how water carves out caves and caverns, and tunnels of wild, raging rivers.

you have a dream, don’t you? the place your mind goes in stolen moments and you lose track of time. but you’ve tried and you’ve failed and now you think you can’t chase that dream anymore. it’s not worth your time. it’s not for you. not now. not yet. but you’re wrong……

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  • Kristin Smith January 28, 2014, 3:19 pm

    Tammy – I loved your post over at (in)courage today! I am one of the contributing writers over at a new website for dreamers called Our hope is to encourage dreamers at every stage and phase of their dream! Your piece today was so on point for that very topic! If you are ever looking to guest post on another site, we would love to have you! More info here if you want!!

    • Tammy January 28, 2014, 8:59 pm

      what an honor kristin, i would love to! i’ll start working on something and get it submitted soon! thank you for the opportunity. blessings!

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