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community : common unity

i long for deep abiding community.  friendship that sends roots deep into the soil of my soul.  a place where i feel loved.  cared for, seen.  friendship that reaches a depth in me where i am known.  free.  do you desire that too?  to be known?  i think it’s what we were made for.  knit together needing one another.  each thread.  community.  united.  because just as strong as my heart’s desire to be known is a conflicting compulsion to draw in.  to pull back, out, away.  to seek and find anonymity, refuge from the storms of this life.  travel the road alone.  reject the fibers of disunity.  the times when this world seems to crash in on us, around us, like the unpredictable waves of a stormy sea.  the very real fear of being tossed.  thrown into the thrashing blue.

we seek wisdom.  we desire His guiding, to find a peace that we are climbing behind sure, secure footholds.  well traveled paths.  but that’s not where He leads.  His ways are mysterious.  and we do not know the way.  He desires to pave new roads.  to stretch us, mold us, allow us to be broken so that He can put us back together.  that we would surrender to Him the raw material He needs to work: broken hearts.  because only when we are broken can He build us.  not us.  but US.  community.  our common unity.

Him.  by Him.  for Him.  through Him.  in Him.  because of Him.  just.  Him.

we look around at the tattered fabric of our lives.  division, discontentment, brokenness, loss and pain.  torn cloth, frayed edges, places loved and worn so hard they barely hold together.  my children have blankets like this…scarcely holding on.  drug through the dirt, shut in the door, forgotten in the rain, left behind.  held tight through sleepless nights, soothing countless tears, a comfort in need, most treasured companion.  we are the fabric.  we are the community.  He desires us to be worn.  used.  broken.  He cries out for us to withstand the trials and gain wisdom.  to get knocked down and rise again.   to learn that this life is not about us.  that the broken is what makes us whole.



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  • anna March 9, 2013, 12:02 am

    Loving this, brought goosepumps to my arms and tears to my eyes…….community, raw, honest and real relationships are few and far between but I am so grateful for them……………..

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