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Creating a circle instead of a stage

creating a circleIf we’re honest, to some degree we all want a stage.

A place to stand upon which we can say all that we think we know. Share all we have learned.

Perhaps to realize how little that really is.

Maybe a stage would be good for those who think they know better. Those quick to criticize or judge. Perhaps they should be the ones on the stage.

Surely they have called out our greatest failures for long enough they must know better.


But something has been stirring in me since I attended a conference this summer in North Carolina. I met women who shattered my illusions of those who have “made it.” You know, the ones who earn a living by what they do, writing, speaking, sharing their faith and the grace of Jesus.

I never thought I would get to peek in the windows, let alone be invited, and what I found was not what I expected.

Off the stage there was simply a circle.

A group of girls in their pajamas talking about life and love and kids.

A circle of women interested in hearts instead of hair products. Jealous for one another. Wanting the best, demanding that they not settle or sell short because they deserved more.

After all, life is far too short and the days too precious to settle.

As I venture into the calling of being a writer and a speaker God is putting people in my path to teach me. Despite my fear and my wavering faith, He continues to go before me and make a way.

A few days ago I spoke with a women I have admired for years. She speaks around the country ministering to women, and her heart is bigger than her slender frame. I don’t even know how in the world it fits.

She took my call and encouraged my soul without a hint of rush in her voice. Carved out unexpected time for the questions and doubts of my heart and my calling. Is blocking out time to meet together again to help in whatever way she can.

Another woman I met for breakfast just this morning who asked me to speak to a group of young women that are dear to her heart. Her eyes lit up and her whole body came alive as she told me about these girls and their dreams and passions and her desire for them to find their best. To become a classic, not a copy.

And through this handful of people I realize that those who are called after God’s own heart don’t keep doors closed, but hold them wide open. They listen to our doubts and then offer encouragement and valuable advice. They offer opportunity not judgment.

They help prepare the way.

Because when we’re about sharing Jesus and spreading love, it’s not about how much we can keep to ourselves. It’s about empowering and encouraging one another to take up their gifts and go.

God is making a circle.

Beautiful women right here in my community I never would’ve met, women across the country I have admired for years, and some I would’ve never heard of. Connecting. Reaching out arms. Laying down swords.

I believe someday we might find that heaven looks more like a circle too.

A place where love joins our hands where pride has held us apart.

Where fear fostered competition, there we’ll find company.

I don’t want to be on a stage, where the lights might delude me to thinking they’re for me.

I want to sit in a circle with you. And leave the stage for Him.

If you want to create a circle then step into your gift. Live into the calling He has placed on your heart and He will meet you on your way. He will go before you and start drawing connections. Circles. And it’s beautiful.

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  • Tessa September 14, 2014, 9:38 pm

    This is such a great post! I have found that encouraging other women is so much more rewarding then tearing them down. And when you do encourage them they give back, whether it’s to you or to someone else. I love the idea of a circle of love where we can love eachother and encourage eachother and realize that everyone has different gifts. Thank you for this beautiful vision 🙂

  • Jessica September 16, 2014, 4:08 am

    This was a great article. Thanks.

  • Rachel Rains September 18, 2014, 3:16 pm

    LOVE this post… {found it on Pinterest}

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