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Creating space to breathe


Do you ever feel like life is so crazy there’s hardly time to breathe?

Like if you took the time to do something for yourself then the rest of the things just wouldn’t get done?

I get it.

This is the story of my life these days.

You see, I started this blog on a whim and never expected it would turn into a full-time, non-paying job that I love.

Absolutely love.

But with all of our demands competing with all of our desires, sometimes it feels overwhelming.

Just the other day I felt so pulled in a million directions that there wasn’t any time. It started to make me feel a little crazy-lady inside.

So I cut out the to-do and made time to breathe.

Time to focus on my breath.

Breathing is a lifestyle for me but I don’t always remember to schedule it first.

I run because I don’t know how to move forward without it.

I do yoga because it reminds me to be still.

I spend time in nature because it helps me remember that I am small. 

We all need some wide open spaces to breathe.

Space where we can make mistakes, make room and grow.

Without perspective our lives can start running us.

My body simply cannot keep up with my brain. I think I can do all of the things because I want to do all of the things, and I cannot. And then my brain wants to explode.

So I breathe.

I breathe so that I can discover the state of my heart.

I breathe so that I can find the courage to do the hard things, like say no.

Especially when I want to say yes.

Today’s Challenge: Get outside if you can and do something that requires you to focus on your breath. Go for a run, take a yoga class, hike, rock climb, pray or meditate. Do something that challenges you to begin creating space to breathe. To focus on your breath. To be thankful that you have air in your lungs and an able body and soak up the nature around you and let it remind you to be small. Let it help you know your place, see your life with a new set of eyes, and be still.

This is day 30 of our Revolt Against Busy Challenge! You can sign up and catch up on everything you missed right {here}.

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