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the cross : {extra}ordinary stillness

this fall my husband and i took an anniversary hiking trip in the canadian rockies. we spent a week in pure awe of the majesty of the world in which we live. settings too beautiful to describe, my words falling so woefully inadequate.

one day we went on our longest hike, nearly 10 miles as we hiked over a mountain pass and down into a beautiful valley. from rugged mountain trails and steep rock valleys we wound our way up above the tree line and then back down and through a waterfall to the bottom, where we carefully picked our way through the alluvial fans stepping on water covered rocks and up over makeshift bridges.

when i’m in nature my senses are on high alert. perhaps because i’m so drawn to the lessons marked out in the trails, in the light and depth and color and sound. truth calls out to me so clearly when i’m out in the world, away from the distractions of this life.

as we were making our way i looked up in wonder at the scenery around me when i saw this cross. etched so rugged and perfect in the stone i gasped when i saw it. Him. this awesome creator, God. a message and a promise so profound. the cross. so pure and simple and beautiful.

be still

do you see the cross? it makes my hair stand on edge when i look at it still.

be still.

how often do we set our course, chart our way up over mountains and down through the valleys thinking we can make it on our own. that we can chart our own course through this life.

i remember a time so vividly, standing in the shower crying out to God why the journey felt so hard. why i felt like i was swimming upstream and so alone. and His answer was so clear: i kept trying to do it on my own.

and i cannot.

and then we look up and see the cross. knowing He was with us all the while. watching. guiding. protecting. redeeming. waiting for us to call on Him. to seek Him. to allow Him to make a way.

i’m putting this lesson to the test today as i write to you from austin, texas and the re:write conference and writing contest. being fully present in the moment. this moment. where God has brought me for this time; a path i do not know and certainly cannot make on my own. resting in the comfort that He is with me. whatever the outcome, i am in this place at this time for an {extra}ordinary journey that has yet to unfold.

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: be still. stop trying to chart your own way or make your own path. have the courage to look up to the rock and find the promise that has been there the entire time. be still and know.

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  • Mary October 18, 2013, 2:27 pm

    The picture is stunning and your words are inspiring. Praying for you on your journey today!

  • Lauren October 18, 2013, 2:29 pm

    That picture is Awesome! I love when God shows us these things 🙂

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