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dark : {extra}ordinary promise

the longer i live the more i see the dark depravity of this world. each year, each day i am reminded to rest in the promises of God because i cannot do this on my own. sometimes this world is just too dark. too complicated and sin-full that i cannot comprehend with my own mind. can’t wrap my brain around the pain that lives among us. dwells in us. cast in the shadows of the everyday life. we walk but we don’t see. how easily we miss the pain written so clearly on the faces we pass. the ones we meet. the ones we love.

sometimes this world is dark. a pit so deep and black and broken we cannot see light. we forget it exists at all, because dark is all we know. hiding. fear and grief and loss consume us, our every waking moment. we walk through our days not seeing, not feeling, not believing in light. because we’re surrounded by so much dark.

but sometimes the darkest times are what lead us to light. when we come to the end of ourselves and have nothing to hold but the loose ends of hope held out by another. when we come to the truth that we must rest in Him, the only truth we can ever trust in this broken, fallen dark world.

rock pile

to know that to find Him we must be broken of self. we must come to the place where we no longer walk by our own strength. when our faith and truth and identity is not based in the feeble attempts at greatness we strive for in this life. when we realize we are nothing without His grace.

pick up a stone. you cannot move a mountain today, but you can move one stone.

His grace is sufficient for you. His love is greater than your sin, His hope brighter than your dark. His promises are true: if you seek Him, He will be found. and He will save.


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