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Distracted From Your Workout?

We live in a world inundated by messages and advertising. Our phones are nearly attached to our bodies. In a world completely  tech saturated, how do you disconnect? It’s hard. Far too often I find myself glued to a small screen, scrolling the feeds of people I’ll never meet, while disconnecting from the people who matter most. I feel like we’ve lost our minds. Sadly, myself included.

Do you struggle to exercise because there’s always a distraction winning the battle for your time? Maybe it’s your kids, your phone, or an app you rely on that’s not working. Sometimes I get distracted finding the right podcast, downloading music or trying to figure out a new running app, that I lose some of the precious time I actually have to WORK OUT! Say it with me: I’M DISTRACTED!

There’s so much stimulation.

It’s why I purposely created COR44™ Personal Training Cards™ the way I did. My designer’s first question was: should we make it an app? I sighed. I mean, yes — maybe eventually — but not first. First, I want to get off my phone and back to my life. My real life. Things I can touch and feel and hold in my hand! Is that crazy?! Do you want that too?? I don’t like having to pull out my phone for every darn thing! I wanted to make something that didn’t expect me to turn it on again. And I want that for you, too.

If you find yourself getting too distracted to work out, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Go first thing in the morning: Life is busy. An unforeseen, extra handful of things fall into my schedule on any given day, and I’m sure yours is no different. If I don’t get my workout in first thing, it often won’t happen. If it means you have to get up early, do it! My 5:40 alarm comes early but it’s always worth it.
  2. Turn off your phone: You don’t need your phone to work out. You just don’t. If you need a stopwatch or timer, use your watch or the clock. Go for a run without your headphones. Tune into the environment around you and soak up all the things that are real. Sights, sounds, smells — nature is all around you offering healing. Receive it!
  3. Invite your kids: The other morning my middle son wanted to run with me. One of the perks of living a healthy lifestyle is it eventually wears off. We drove and parked the car about a mile and a half from the house and ran home. Once I got him settled inside I ran the rest of my route, back to the car, and drove back home. It meant I had to change my plan, but he got to be a part of it instead. If your kids aren’t old enough to leave home alone, or run with you, we used to do half mile runs around our neighborhood circle. They would sit in the front yard and cheer me on. Or they would ride their bike every other lap. Other ideas include driveway sprints, or circuit training. Your kids will love it!

If you feel distracted, like everything is vying for your time and the last thing you can make time for is yourself, think again. You are worthy. Today’s CORbelief is: I AM COMMITTED.

I AM COMMITTED not only to caring for myself, but to doing what it takes to make that happen. Making sacrifices. Doing hard things. Do you want to find yourself half way through another year saying I don’t know what to do? Or I don’t know how? I can’t make it happen for you, but I would sure love to help you on your way. Maybe this year is the year you say I AM COMMITTED to me. To learning how to be strong. To designing your life. To creating a life you actually love.

You are the hero of your own story. The master of your course. But nobody really makes it alone. Our stories are made up of a million parts and dozens of people who stepped in along the way to direct us, guide us, and steer us in a better direction. Let’s get you going where you want to go. Today is the LAST day to order and get your Personal Training Cards™ with free shipping in time for Christmas! Why wait? Let’s make 2017 your strongest year yet.


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