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we live in a time when media, news feeds, chat rooms and pinterest boards set the standard for how we measure our lives. expectations of normal far exceed any reasonable standard of reality and we hold ourselves accountable for so much!ebook-ipad

are you OVERwhelmed with your days and UNDERwhelmed with your life? download your FREE copy of my 12-day ebook challenge: finding the extraordinary in an ordinary life.

so often, i have found in my quest for keeping up and measuring up, i miss the truly extraordinary moments that are right in front of me! truly meaningful gifts, overshadowed by a busy life and a dark world. so we’re turning on the light and bringing back JOY!

finding the threads of life, grace, truth and happiness that live on despite our circumstances; that wait for us in our daily life. join in this 12-day adventure of finding the {extra}ordinary in your ordinary life.

yours FREE! my gift to you.


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