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caramel apple pie bars : {extra}ordinary goodness

hey ya’ll i’m here in texas and having an absolute blast! so the short story is i didn’t win the writing contest. but the longer story that i do not know, is that the journey is not over yet. this God is an amazing God and i’m just practicing obedience and doing my part…believing He will do greater things than i could ask or imagine. He is faithful. and the people i have met here, and the experiences i have had so far, have exceeded my wildest dreams. it is already enough. just this.

feeling humbled and inspired and encouraged by the awesomeness of a God that knows our hearts, our dreams and our desires and works them out in His time, for His purpose. practicing faith. courage. being still and knowing He is at work in us, through us, by us, FOR us. beautiful redemption. amazing grace.

so it’s saturday and that means a guilt free indulgence during our 31-days of {extra}ordinary life! can i just get an oh my gaaawwwd these look divine?!

and since i recently figured out i can’t make a caramel apple to save my life, i think this might be my fall saving grace…

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 8.35.16 PMa friend of mine recently swapped some of my bounty of squash for some of her bounty of apples…and i know what i’m going to be making when i get back from texas!

don’t wait for me, you go ahead and make them right now! it’s no guilt saturday so today, they’re absolutely free! it’s my saturday gift to you this entire month!

you can find the recipe for these {extra}ordinary looking pie/cookie/bar goodness right {here}!

TODAY’S CHALLENGE: savor the sweetness of every single bite of something decadently fall. you deserve it.

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  • Kristin Williams October 21, 2013, 3:55 am

    Oh wow, my teeth hurt just looking at the picture! I’ll be making these soon! Can’t wait to read that book of yours when God gets it on the shelves!

    • Tammy October 22, 2013, 4:48 pm

      thank you kristin!! what a wild weekend filled with so many glimpses of God’s handiwork. His dream. He is an amazing God.

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