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cynic : {extra}ordinary choice

i’m not sure if i believe in a happy life. {hang with me, please}.

what is happy? some of the definitions confirm my suspicions: 1. characterized by good luck (fortunate); 2. marked by pleasure, satisfaction or joy; 3. being especially well-adapted… the list goes on. that is not to say we can’t be happy. that we don’t have happy moments and happy times.

but a happy life?

maybe it’s the cynic in me but i haven’t met many people with a happy life. one “characterized” by good luck or pleasure. if you scratch the surface of any life there is pain and grief and heartache and deep dark shadows. we cover it up with a pretty exterior, but it surely isn’t pretty underneath. and certainly not happy. we live in a culture of “shiny happy people” who just fake it.

because really, no one’s life on it’s own is characterized by good luck. good luck is when preparation and opportunity meet. if you weren’t prepared, it certainly wouldn’t be good luck. i read an anonymous quote one day that said: “the reason most people do not recognize an opportunity when they meet it is because it usually goes around wearing overalls and looks like work.”

no one escapes the harsh reality of this life. they choose to work hard for what they have. and they choose to sacrifice some things along the way.

similarly, i don’t know a single real person whose life is marked by pleasure, satisfaction or joy. do you? i know some really great people who have risen above horrific experiences and dared to design a new life, but their lives were not marked by joy. they chose joy.

we have moments of joy. moments of true happiness. and we have hard circumstances and challenges to face and overcome. character formed by the refiner’s fire in the cauldron of life’s most difficult trials. we don’t get to have a happy life, it doesn’t exist. but we have the opportunity to choose an extraordinary life.

an extraordinary life is not perfect, not even close. a path marked by pain, tragedy, heartache and loss? you bet. forget happy. that’s shallow and meaningless and dull, really. completely transparent. we can’t do happy. but, extraordinary? extraordinary is real. extraordinary is hard and honest and vulnerable and wholeheartedly true. an extraordinary life is something we can do.

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TODAY’S CHALLENGE: forget about chasing after the elusive happy life. it’s an unattainable goal that keeps you feeling defeated. decide today that your life will be extraordinary instead and lean into all that is waiting for you!

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