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Five women you need to know


Okay, really. Who doesn’t love to meet amazing people? Like the kind that just want to pour into your spirit with all kinds of goodness and overflow? I know I do. And I feel like my insides are literally GUSHING over into my outsides so please bear with me while I am seriously so overwhelmed by the goodness of God that I want to share some of these incredible women with you. I thought about posting their pictures but I want you to actually go over to their websites and meet them in their space. They’re amazing. Each of the colored links will take you somewhere to something FUN! Some of them are serious, some of them are crazy, and then some shift dramatically to fashionista-designers! God works with all of us and His incredible glory is found in every single quirk that makes us unique. And lets just face it: sometimes fashion is super healing and restorative too. Don’t believe me? Then I’ve got the girl for you.

1. Meet my new BFF/I want to be with her everyday but she lives in Tennessee (so sad for me): Meghan Cobble. Seriously. You just HAVE to know her. I spent a long weekend with her a few weeks ago and she literally changed my life. Well, honestly there were fourteen of us and we all changed each other’s lives – but she did it in such an interesting, unexpected way. She introduced us to our bodies. Like, for real. She brought our body types, color charts, neckline suggestions, fabric swatches, and all the pretty accessories and baubles for us to find our story through color and texture and design. I mean, the girl is like solid freaking GOLD. She is a writer and a designer and sells all kinds of amazing things in her little online storefront. I’m currently burning one of her lovely candles and it is DIVINE. Go visit her. Get to know her. Let her nourish your soul with her sweet southern hospitality-meets-eighteen personalities that all just want to make you shine. And laugh. And pee your pants. No joke. You need her in your life. I am not exaggerating to tell you that I’ve texted her about twenty photos in the middle of the night of my outfits to find out if they’re Meghan approved. She’s legit, over-the-top amazing and she shines the love of Jesus into every corner, crack and crevice of her world. I {heart} her.

2. Think you’re don’t have the stuff to be an evangelist and bring people to God? Think again! Listen. I’m not one of those girls who even likes talking on the phone to people I KNOW, let alone to strangers on airplanes and such. Give me a book and my headphones, thank you very much, I’m happy all by my quiet self. Meet my friend Jessica Leep Fick. Guys, she is ahmazing. (Yes, I spelled that wrong on purpose.) Because you see, some people are amazing and some people are AH-mazing. She’s the second kind. She wrote this book on evangelism called Beautiful Feet: Unleashing Women to Everyday Witness. You can click on that link to buy your copy (and you totally should). I always thought evangelism was a dirty word. I mean, in the spiritual gifts hierarchy it always seemed to rest right at the top – and yet it felt schmarmy and used-car-salesman like to me. And totally out of my comfort zone. Jessica completely challenges and turns that upside down. Following God and sharing Jesus doesn’t have to be weird or creepy or according to some arcane formula that doesn’t fit with our real lives. It’s just being who we are and sharing the light that’s inside us. Simple. Easy. Everyday good stuff like inviting someone to sit next to you at church or commenting on someone’s pretty fingernail polish and sharing the love of Christ. It’s so FREEING. So liberating. So do-able. She’s a gem this Jessica. Promise. You need her in your life too.

3. I know I’ve introduced my dearest friend Krista Gilbert to you more than a time or two, but she bears repeating. In fact, you can get to know both of us deeper if you sign up for the free, 7-day live free video challenge we did together. Here’s the link. Or sign up for one of her other incredible dares for family, marriage, media, hospitality, teenagers and more! Seriously. This girl gives away the farm. It’s all FREE. On top of that, Krista just wrote and launched her first book, Reclaiming Home: The Family’s Guide for Life, Love and Legacy (not exactly free, but worth way more than the cost) where she guides us to deeper connection in the relationships that mean the most: family. More than anyone I’ve ever met, Krista is warm, intentional, genuine and invests deep in relationship. She is rooted in love. As an outpouring of that enormous reservoir, she, along with another gem of a woman you’ll meet next, has started The Open Door Retreat. If you’re a writer, speaker, or just love sharing the love of Christ and want to do that in community, you might be interested in getting more information. Krista is a connecter. She’s a do-er. She’s the kind of woman who inspires you to dream big dreams and chase them down with everything you’ve got. You need her.

4. Alexandra Kuykendall is the other mastermind behind The Open Door Retreat. She wrote the book: The Artist’s Daughter, a memoir of her struggle to deal with the wounds of an absent father, and whether or not that loss would define her life. She is a wife, mother, daughter, writer, speaker and incredibly gifted in friendship. She’s the kind that will sit quietly and listen while you prattle on and on about your deepest, most ridiculous fears and then calmly and deliberately help you practically figure out how you’re going to challenge, and rise above them. I’m grateful not only for her wisdom, but her quiet, overwhelming and unmistakable love. She’s not one to seek the spotlight but she’s worthy of every bit of it. Kind. Honest. Genuine. Measured. Deliberate. Reasoned. Inclusive. She’s a woman to know.

5. There are no words for Crystal Woodman Miller. She is just simply beyond this world. Have you ever met someone and you’re pretty sure they’re already in the company of angels? That they have a direct connection to God that you just don’t understand? This is my Crystal, and her story is one borne of tragedy and yet filled with so much hope. In 1999, Crystal endured the unimaginable seven minutes of torture that we all watched unfold on our television screens. She was hiding under one of the tables in the library of Columbine High School as two young boys walked through the school leaving a wake of destruction and death. A senseless massacre unfolded right before her very eyes. But for Crystal, crying out to a God she didn’t yet know, that library table became the very place she would stand to share God’s message of hope in the midst of unbearable grief and loss. She has traveled around the world speaking, serving, and loving those affected by pain, loss and suffering in this world. She has appeared on every television and news program you can imagine sharing a message of God’s hope in the midst of a dark and broken world. You can find her story in the pages of her book: Marked for Life: Choosing Hope and Discovering Purpose After Earth-Shattering Tragedy. From the moment I met her, she looked into my eyes and touched my heart and I’ll never be the same. She’s amazing and I know you’ll think so too.

Gosh. How lucky am I? How lucky are WE that we get to know these women? That we get to watch how God takes the broken and sometimes shattered pieces of our lives and diligently puts them back together whole. I’m overwhelmed and amazed by the goodness of His love. That He would seek us and find us, and love us, but never leave us the same. I look back and see so many threads in my life that I never understood, and that I honestly hated were mine, and now I see they were all for Him. For Him to use through me – through my brokenness, my stumbling and my healing – for His purpose.

I really could go on and on because I’ve got so many more amazing women to share with you, but it’s Friday FIVE and so you’ll have to wait. There are more. So many more women you need to know. Women you will know. Women who call out to the gifts in your spirit, and the way God created you to live your life on purpose. With passion. To bring glory and honor to Him. We were each made for such a time as this and our deepest loss, our greatest pain and our most glaring weakness is the place He will use us. Look at these women. Not one of them is even remotely the same, and yet they each bring their unique and individual talents to the table to make up the incredible body of Christ. Head, feet, heart and hands, we each play our part and we do it together. Because we are so much better together.

Happy Friday ya’ll! You are LOVED. xoxo

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  • Krista October 9, 2015, 10:09 am

    This is amazing. YOU are amazing. I love the generosity of heart in this. And you can tell that you are pouring out love over these women who have deeply touched you. It’s the genuine part of it all that is so meaningful and special. Thank you for this…. and for just being you. To God be the GLORY. He’s the gift-giver who orchestrated it all, and continues to show us his detailed love day after day, pouring out grace upon grace. These friendships are simply a testimony of Jesus lived out in His people. Amen & AMEN. Love you so…..

  • Cornelia Becker Seigneur October 14, 2015, 4:46 pm

    What a great post- I love how you honor your friends – new and old! I love your heart and passion.

    • Tammy October 21, 2015, 2:07 pm

      Thank you! It’s such a gift to be able to share this community of amazing women with so many others. We really are stronger and better together. Blessings to you! xo

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