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forgetful listener

forgetful listener

do you suffer from forgetfulness? surely not half as much as me.

as a truth seeker and lover of words, i love nothing more than reading. learning. finding peace and truth rooted in the transcendent words of God.

words shared in the life and story of other writers, soul-searchers, truth-tellers and grace-givers.

there is little i love more than the language of words. the incredible power they wield. but how often do i allow the words to change me? how often am i propelled to action instead of merely ingestion?

often i am quick to judge, rate it on a scale of 1-10, ‘like’ it, or just scroll on by.

but did it change me? how is my life better, my mind clearer, my truth truer because of it? do i love better?

far too often i forget what i heard.

i never learned what i listened to.

because what we do with our life and how we treat those around us tells us more about what we believe than our words. it tells more about what we know than our thoughts. how we live tells the true story of our heart. and we’re all suffering a terrible heart condition.

how often am i a forgetful listener? a faithless believer.

when time and testing come i lose heart. i lose hope. i forget so easily.

how can i be thankful, feel thankful, and express thanksgiving, and then turn around and yell at my kids? or my husband?

how can i profess faith, walk in faith, and live by faith, and then when faced with disappointment i so quickly lose my faith?

how can i say that i love and then not show up in the time of need?

His promises are true today and tomorrow, just like they were yesterday. His love, hope, mercy and grace never fade and never give up on me.

and they never give up on you.

don’t just listen. do what it says. press on through hardship, failure, disappointment, fear and regret. show up in your life.

do not forget. keep doing what you know and be blessed.



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