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gift card love : making it personal

i have a confession.

i’m not a huge gift girl.  don’t get me wrong, i love the idea and i love when someone honors me with a gift, of course, but i don’t particularly love being the center of attention and getting gifts in a big hullabaloo.  you know?  i didn’t grow up in a gift-giving home; it wasn’t a love language that was practiced or valued very highly.  but something about that deficit has grown in me a love of GIVING gifts.  and not just any gift.  it has to be right.  it’s not about cost or extravagance.  it’s about meaning.  it’s about knowing the person deeply and finding that thing that speaks of them.  it could be free.  some of my most favorite gifts have been ones that didn’t cost the giver a thing, and yet meant more to me than anything.

but for me, my favorite part is the card.  it’s the place where i can make things personal.  express to my friend my love & thankfulness for the gift they are in my life.

i’ve really had a lot of fun creating cards over the last few years and, as i’m sure you can imagine, they’re usually full of words!  but the best part is they reflect your heart, you can make them personal and meaningful…and, they’re FREE!

here’s my latest gift card idea love:


 a really fun card can liven up any present.  i mean, look how cute a fun card dresses up an ordinary gift bag!

and that’s what i love.  simple with a little bit of sass.  it’s kind of my wrapping style.

to do:

for this card i found a graphic from pinterest and printed it off on cardstock.  i  wrote a personal note the same size and printed it off on cardstock as well.  i bought packages of decorative card stock pages to use as the foundation.  {you can buy them at any craft store, i got mine at tj maxx.}  cut your decorative paper any way you wish, i chose to make mine a long vertical card this time.  but any way you choose would be perfect.  a few straight edge cuts and a glue stick and voila!  i added a few crystal rhinestones to my note just because.  isn’t it pretty?  i just love it.

what’s your favorite way to celebrate a friend’s birthday?


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  • Krista January 26, 2013, 7:47 pm

    (singing) And I get the card & gift… la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! ;)) You make things beautiful!

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